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Vacuactivus CryoV2 Cryotherapy Chamber Revolutionizes Cryosauna’s

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Vacuactivus CryoV2 Cryotherapy Chamber Revolutionizes Cryosauna's

Cryosauna is a special installation that is a cabin filled with cooled nitrogen or a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. The temperature at which the procedure is performed is up to -170 degrees Celsius (or -260 degrees Fahrenheit). The effectiveness of cryotherapy cannot be underestimated, and Vacuactivus, as one of the leading manufacturers and vendors of cryotherapy chambers, presents CryoV2. It is the newest cryochamber model in the market. Let us find out more about it.

The Principle of Action

The patient is placed inside the unit that is closed tightly. Inside the cabin, there is a platform that raises the human body to a certain height so that the head is above the surface of the capsule. Then, the cabin is filled with gas, which temperature is fixed at a certain point. The cryotherapy procedure takes no more than three minutes. During this time, the body is enveloped in a thick white gas cloud.

Since the process of cooling the tissues takes a minimum amount of time, the gas makes an impact only on the surface layers of the skin. Freezing does not affect the internal vital organs, so the body does not have time to freeze. If you are interested in the way CryoV2 works, read more info at Vacuactivus site.

Vacuactivus CryoV2 Cryotherapy Chamber Revolutionizes Cryosauna's

When a Person Needs Cryosauna

The benefits of the CryoV2 cryosauna have been confirmed both scientifically and practically. Cryosauna treatment is used all over the world. In turn, the beauty industry is actively using the cold for cosmetic purposes. Here are the main benefits of using a CryoV2 from Vacuactivus:

  • It normalizes metabolism;
  • It activates the blood circulation;
  • It strengthens the vascular system and muscle tissue;
  • It improves the condition of the skin;
  • It accelerates the production of melanin in the skin;
  • It increases the body tone;
  • It improves the immune resistance of the body;
  • It increases the working capacity.

In other words, cryotherapy is a real source of health and beauty, and, therefore, it has lots of indications. Besides, cryotherapy is recommended for those who suffer from chronic pains or injuries.

Here are the main indications for the use of a cryochamber:

    • psoriasis;
    • dermatitis;
    • acne;
    • allergy;
    • chronic fatigue, insomnia;
    • depression;
    • arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, radicular pain;
    • disorders of the reproductive system;
    • ulcers, colitis, pancreatitis;
    • adiposity;
    • respiratory diseases;
    • prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
    • low immunity;
    • skin diseases;
    • metabolic disorders;
    • cellulite.

As you can see, a cryochamber has lots of benefits, and it is complicated to find a person who has none of the above-mentioned indications for use. What makes the CryoV2 cryosauna from Vacuactivus stand out from the competition? Check out the peculiarities of this cryochamber:

      1. It is produced from European and American components.
      2. It has an updated Platinum Jets indirect spraying technology.
      3. This chamber can be produced in a variety of colors and with the logo of the client, upon request.
      4. It has an improved system of ventilation, so the gas evaporates quickly after the termination of the session.
      5. It has a simple menu and a large tablet console.

Besides, Vacuactivus, being one of the leaders in the field of cryo equipment production and manufacture of body shaping and weight-loss devices, provides excellent customer service, an extended warranty of up to three years, as well as a reasonable price policy.

There are sales representatives in many countries, so Vacuactivus is actively working across the globe. Cryotherapy can be a solution to your health problem if you opt for a trustworthy manufacturer. By choosing Vacuactivus equipment, you will enjoy all the benefits of the technology and the high level of customer care provided by the company.


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