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How Customizable CMMS Can Help You To Manage, Track and Schedule Maintenance

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Customizable CMMS

Customizable CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software lets you keep track of your firm’s physical assets and manage their maintenance. 

It offers management support, data maintenance, and tracking of crucial assets like the delivery fleet. Additionally, the software helps maintain records of the repairs and upkeep to locate the materials or parts needed and track the associated costs. 

All in all, customizable CMMS software can help you manage, track, and schedule maintenance in all the ways mentioned below.

1. Oversight Of The Work Orders For Maintenance Of Assets

An important customizable function of CMMS software is the oversight of the work orders to repair and maintain assets. Work orders get automatically generated by the system as per preset maintenance schedules, and repair requests by authorized personnel are taken into account.

CMMS is easy to configure for requesting approval for all kinds of work orders. The software can be used for the automatic issue of the orders for the maintenance manager. You can recognize the filters through which the user or contractor requests get filtered either by priority or urgency.

How Customizable CMMS Can Help You To Manage, Track and Schedule Maintenance

You also have the option to put customized workflows in place to standardize all the repair and maintenance request processes. It organizes the work order requests by codes where each request gets a number such that your maintenance team finds it easy to locate when required.

CMMS tracks the entire line of progression of the work request, starting from the issuance of the orders to ensuring effective and timely follow-through.

2. Purchasing Module To Initiate Materials & Parts Reacquisition

An integral part of the maintenance software is the purchasing module. After the requirement for a particular maintenance or repair action gets into the system, its purchasing module starts initiating a part and material requisition request to give your maintenance team all the things it needs for effective and quick performance.

If any major item is found to be unavailable temporarily, the maintenance manager automatically gets a notice from the system, and they can adjust their work schedule as needed. Unexpected delays will not cause problems if this level of control gets exercised.

The buying aspect of the software might even have a master parts catalog. The majority of systems provide functionality and forms for returns, receiving, invoices, and purchase orders.

3. CMMS Ensures Both Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Predicting equipment failure or related issues gives your crew the chance to address problems before they get compounded. The software accesses crucial information from the archives so that all its predictions get backed by actual data. 

Equipment monitoring by the software lets it collect real-time data to predict emerging issues. This information gets cross-referenced with previous data for pinpointing possible future problems.

The fact that CMMS also has preventive maintenance is an added advantage because it assures you about prolonging the business assets’ effectiveness and life. It not only helps you minimize the expenses of repairs but also prevents asset deterioration.

Features like creating scheduled work orders and batching the orders for preventive maintenance are ways in which CMMS aids an organization.

4. Helps In Effectively Managing and Tracking Maintenance

The robust reporting features let you track inventory costs, labor, and maintenance in a user-friendly system. Labor hours and extraneous costs can be associated with preventive maintenance tasks, work orders, inventory updates, etc. The data accessed can help in gaining insights into the problem areas of the department.

Scheduling and tracking preventive maintenance lets you ensure that every asset gets the care that it requires, and there is no prospect of equipment breakdown. 

Furthermore, the system can also track the amount of labor spent to perform maintenance by the technicians, work orders, or equipment items. It helps in identifying the weaknesses in the process such that they can be addressed and improved to increase efficiency. Thus, you can focus less on keeping track of the work orders and more on getting the assets repaired.

5. Actively Manage & Maintain Assets Across Business Locations

Customizable CMMS software lets you actively manage and maintain assets across several business locations in real-time. Your maintenance manager can gain access to these details from all connected devices, so you will always be able to keep track of the valuable assets.

The system will also curate details like maintenance scheduling and record-keeping, calibration points, service contracts, inspection requirements, and meter readings. It can even track every asset’s exact location, along with error codes, downtime, and equipment failure. 

Thereafter, your system will use the asset management information to generate reports, make recommendations regarding replacement and repair, and create work orders for emergency repairs or general maintenance. CMMS software can also base scheduling on equipment condition, usage, and locations.

6. Making Sure The Inventory Is Well-Stocked At All Times

Customizable computerized maintenance management system CMMS software can keep an updated inventory of repair parts and maintenance materials that keep the service department aware of the supply shortages that might impact daily scheduling. Tracking the physical location of the items enables faster transfers between different business locations.

This functionality also offers instant access to the authorized personnel to determine the cost and availability of any item. Vendors gain crucial information regarding ordering items and locations. Furthermore, the top-notch software can even offer suggestions for alternatives when the exact parts needed by the maintenance department are unavailable.

If the business contains assets that require daily management and periodic maintenance, the CMMS system will be a valued addition to the firm. It will keep on working behind the scenes to make sure that all your equipment gets tracked, remains in the best condition, and offers continually effective service.

The Bottom Line

All of the features and facilities mentioned above let the CMMS buyers control and prepare for any eventualities. Thus, any CMMS software that does not have these features is not worth your time or money. 

So, if you still have not implemented CMMS in your workflow, it’s high time for you to consider it. In doing that, make sure you look for an affordable, comprehensive, and customizable CMMS software that can effectively meet your business’s specific needs.

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