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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Optimized for Search Intent?



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Running any business that relies on the selling of products and services means getting into various digital marketing strategies to help boost brand recognition. It means making use of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and many other tactics as the business strives to reach its target audience. Without a doubt, the journey can be an exciting one, as there is so much to learn when it comes to general marketing strategies.

For example, most businesses are aware of their target audience, as they fulfill a specific need in the industry. Fulfilling the need will (hopefully) translate to steady profit as the company grows from the experience and eventually expands into a tried and tested industry veteran. It involves the use of experts such as those from a Charlotte SEO company, as well as an intimate knowledge of how online users shop. After all, most businesses are indeed aware of their target audience; but what about how they shop?

Without the necessary knowledge that comes with search intent, it can be hard to catch the attention of even those that are most in need of the company’s products and services. An understanding of search intent is necessary, as it ensures that the business understands the thinking of the average online shopper, and how they might eventually come to purchase the products.

Pushing for the different types of search intent

It can be quite challenging to know exactly what an online shopper might want without first understanding the different types of search intent. The core types of search intent tend to follow a step-by-step process that eventually culminates in a purchase. The different kinds of search intent are as follows:

  • Seeking information. First and foremost, the online user is curious about the product and is looking for all types of information that are connected to the product. In this case, the user will search for various types of content connected to the products and services of the company. It is here that the use of long-flow content will play a pivotal role, as long blogs and articles can do much to help steer the decision of an online user, so long as the information is as relevant and unique as possible. Otherwise, they might look elsewhere for information, which could very well lead them to a competitor.
  • Searching for the product. Also known as the navigational part of the process, it is in this part of search intent that the user knows what they want, but they also want to be sure they are purchasing it from the right place. It is in this part of the search process where keywords matter the most, but there is an interesting method of jumping through this part of search intent entirely. For example, content marketing as part of a website is normal, which means having the blog on the website that sells the product will work to give the online user what they want right at the beginning.
  • The commercial part. The commercial part of search intent can be quite interesting, as the online user is convinced that they want the product, but there are just a few details that need ironing out. For example, if the product comes in multiple colors, perhaps they might be looking into which one would be the most ideal. Variants of products will play a part, as well as extra bits of information about the product in question. The use of long-form content stops being the most crucial part of the process at this point, and instead, much shorter articles would probably have substantial results.
  • The transaction process. Last but certainly not least, the shopper is finally convinced of the type of product they want and are ready to make a purchase. In these cases, the keywords become very specific, and there is a shift in the searches from the type of product to sales and discounts concerning the product in question. If the website has already done a good enough job to funnel the online shopper to their store, it is only a matter of time before they end up in the transactional process and get the job done.

How do I make sure my website is ready?

For newer businesses, the best thing to do would be to focus on two things in particular — the first would be to focus on content marketing, as the use of blogs and articles will help in almost every step of the search intent process. The second step involves making use of other companies to help push an e-commerce store to the top. For example, most new businesses do not have enough resources to focus on multiple things at once, including the mobile platform. Instead of worrying about the mobile platform, it is often best to allow another company to help, such as Shopify for e-commerce purposes.

For those that do not want to make use of Shopify and other online marketplaces for their platform, the best thing to do would be to make up for it with the help of a Charlotte SEO company or other qualified SEO agencies to elevate the website and ensure that the infrastructure is best suited for technical SEO.

A look into the future

Search intent is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of search engine optimization, which is why many companies take it to heart when they go for their digital marketing strategy. With upcoming changes to Google’s search engine that takes into account a website’s user-friendliness, things are continuing to gear up for user-friendliness and the user experience (UX).

A good understanding of search intent and how the online shopper eventually comes to purchase is the reason why so many businesses profited from the previous holiday season. For new companies, they can expect not just to profit from the upcoming holiday season, but just about every other part of the year. Making use of best-practice methods to help push forward a digital marketing strategy is the best thing a new company can do in 2021.

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