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Top Advancements in Modern Healthcare



Top Advancements in Modern Healthcare

Medicine has come along in leaps and strides lately, with advances in technology and drugs saving more lives than ever. With advanced medical technology from Cybernet and other companies being integrated into healthcare every day, the healthcare system is getting more efficient quickly. Take a look at our picks for the best modern medical Healthcare advancements.

Speak with the eyes

As confusing as that title is, what is being developed is a speech-generating device. Typical Healthcare devices are for the heavily autistic or mentally disabled struggling with spoken language and allow users to communicate with a keyboard and a text-to-speech device, which most people will in fact have in their phone.

The latest from DynaVox, however, the EyeMax System is the same idea, but with an impressive difference to the norm. Its sophisticated eye-tracking technology allows users to interact with the system and “type” with an on-screen keyboard. The text chosen is then translated and spoken via a text-to-speech mechanism.


The system allows people living with paralysis, cerebral palsy, the effects of a stroke, etc. the ability to communicate more efficiently, without the need to use their hands.

To add to the accessibility, the device offers hundreds of pre-defined phrases and words, as well as pictures and scenes for the use of young children and those struggling with spoken or written language.

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Mind-controlled artificial limbs

Artificial limbs have come on in leaps and strides in the last decade thanks to a range of advancements in modern technology. Once considered too far to even imagine, amputees could soon join the ranks of Luke Skywalker and The Winter Soldier with a fully functioning artificial limb.

Artificial limbs that can grip, lift and move, all controlled with your mind like any other limb. With the use of an implant embedded in the brain, a user can control the movement of a limb, and even in some cases, experience the sensation of touch. There is also talk of making consciously controlled limbs without the aid of an implant and there is also the option of using artificial intelligence. An algorithm will “learn” from your past interactions using sensors implanted in your arm and intuit what you want it to do.


On a more basic level that aids far more people, Healthcare 3D printing gave us the greatest advancement in prosthetics: affordability. 3D printing makes the process of creating an artificial limb more cost-effective on top of its use to create personalised limbs, so they aren’t as painful.

The Open Bionics’ personalised 3D-printed limb, for example, is attracting people like the investor Tej Kohli Future Bionics program, alongside Foresight Williams and Ananda Impact Ventures.

Heart disease deaths drop dramatically

Just 25 years ago, heart attacks, or infarcts, were hopelessly disastrous. There was nothing to do but sit in a darkened room with some morphine for the pain and some lidocaine to avoid irregular heartbeats.

Today, there has been a significant 40 per cent drop in patient deaths due to heart disease. The key to it is speed: recognise it quickly, speed a patient to the hospital, and treat it quickly. The blood flow to the heart that is obstructed can be busted through with drugs or the blood vessel can be opened with a stent.

And we’re not done. Another option is surgery, where new sophisticated techniques sewing new vessels into a heart has saved countless lives. Plus, there are drugs that didn’t exist that came into circulation in the past 25 years.

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