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Taking Control Of Breast Cancer: A Tale Of Early Detection And Hope

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Taking Control Of Breast Cancer: A Tale Of Early Detection And Hope

(CTN News) – Using the pseudonym Naila, one woman shared a poignant account of her breast cancer journey.

When she awoke with an unusual pain in her chest, she discovered a lump and initially relied on traditional remedies for treatment. As the discomfort persisted, she sought medical attention, which revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her recovery from the ordeal is due to timely intervention and proper treatment.

Rahman Medical Institute (RMI) in Peshawar recently reported that nearly one lakh breast cancer cases are reported annually in Pakistan, of which 15 thousand cases occur in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone. Breast cancer is on the rise among both older and younger women.

The definition of breast cancer is as follows:

In comparison with other types of cancer, breast cancer is a major health concern for women. According to Dr. Saeed Khan, one out of every eight Pakistani women suffer from breast cancer. He stressed the importance of public awareness of this disease.

In spite of the alarming statistics, 40,000 out of 80,000 women affected by the disease succumb to it each year. The lack of awareness about the symptoms contributes to the alarming statistics.

The treatment of breast cancer

During his presentation, Dr. Saeed stressed the importance of timely examinations, stating that early detection will have a profound effect on the success of the treatment. There is a 70 percent recovery rate in the third stage of the recovery process when medication is used alone in the initial stages. However, the chances of survival decrease in the fourth stage, emphasizing the importance of regular treatment.

The causes and the increase in prevalence

As a contributing factor to the rising incidence of breast cancer, Dr. Saeed identified a lack of awareness, societal taboos, and delayed physical examinations. During his address, he emphasized the importance of early detection and encouraged women to overcome these barriers.

To facilitate early detection and save lives, Naila advocates for regular monthly physical examinations.

A mammogram and physical examination should be performed annually for women

The former head of Peshawar Arnam Hospital, Dr. Safoora Shahid, recommended that women undergo a mammogram annually as a critical diagnostic tool. In order to make an accurate diagnosis, it is imperative to recognize symptoms such as lumps, abnormal discharge from the nipple, or persistent chest pain as early as possible.

The majority of women seek professional assistance only when the pain becomes unbearable, according to medical experts. The promotion of proactive self-examination by women can contribute to the control of diseases such as breast cancer.

The key to combating the rising prevalence of breast cancer in Pakistan is to raise awareness, to conduct regular check-ups, and to intervene in a timely manner.


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