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Deadly Bird Flu Reaches Antarctica, Poses Threat to Massive Penguin Colonies

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Deadly Bird Flu Reaches Antarctica, Poses Threat to Massive Penguin Colonies

(CTN News) – Scientists have confirmed a deadly form of bird flu on Antarctica’s mainland for the first time, a risk to the huge penguin colonies there.

A high-pathogenic bird flu virus has reached Antarctica for the first time this year despite the distance between Antarctica and other continents and the natural barriers that separate it from them, according to the Argentinean Higher Council for Scientific Investigation (CSIC).


According to the CSIC, the presence of the virus was confirmed on Feb 24 in samples taken from dead skua seabirds found by Argentine scientists near the Antarctic base Primavera, which Argentine researchers found.

A confirmed case of the H5N1 avian flu has been reported on the Antarctic peninsula, following cases on nearby islands, including that of the gentoo penguin, which has decimated bird populations worldwide in recent months. This confirms the threat that the H5N1 avian flu poses to colonies in the region.

“An analysis of the samples has conclusively demonstrated that the birds were infected with the H5 subtype of avian influenza, and at least one of the dead birds contained the highly pathogenic forms of the virus,” said CSIC.

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research has also confirmed that a case of the deadly virus has been detected at the research base in the Antarctic continent and on nearby islands, which could enable the virus to easily spread. Hundreds of penguins flock in tightly packed colonies on the Antarctic continent and nearby islands, which could enable the deadly virus to easily spread.

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