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Roanoke’s Flu, Respiratory Illnesses Are On The Rise.

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Roanoke's Flu, Respiratory Illnesses Are On The Rise.

(CTN News) – According to Roanoke City Alleghany Health Districts, influenza Flu and respiratory illness rates are unseasonably high.

During the virtual public health update she conducted on Tuesday, Dr. Cynthia Morrow said that while the number of cases of COVID is relatively stable, the number of cases of influenza has increased.

In spite of the fact that it is not a reportable disease such as COVID-19, Dr. Morrow says that public health leaders are paying attention to the situation utilizing both syndromic surveillance as well as state and national data.

According to Dr. Morrow, the level of flu activity doctors are seeing now is more similar to what they would see during the season’s peak, which happens around January and February of each year.

Morrow said that even though there might be a tapering off and plateau at the beginning of the season as a result of a new strain of the flu virus emerging later in the season, there might still be another peak later in the season.

Dr. Morrow said that it is too early to tell whether or not the vaccine was effective and to get a clear picture of how the shot is being embraced by the population as a whole.

However, in the case of flu shot clinics at the RCAHD, Morrow said that it appears that the amount of interest in flu shots this year has been lower than in previous years, at least in terms of the number of clinics. As a result, she encouraged people to consider getting vaccinated if they haven’t already done so.

Similarly, Dr. Morrow explained that RSV isn’t a reportable disease, but outbreaks of infections are, which means that outbreaks of infectious diseases should also be reported.

There is a special concern among doctors when it comes to RSV in children under two, particularly premature babies.

Her concern is that families should keep an eye out for symptoms such as shortness of breath and irritability that may indicate this condition.

According to Dr. Morrow, families should not allow sick children to go to daycare or school while sick, and adults should stay away from work while sick to prevent spreading the illness to others.

In terms of the Hepatitis A outbreak in Roanoke City, Dr. Morrow said just one more case was reported in the last month, bringing the total for 2022 to 88 cases.

How long does a flu last?

The symptoms of flu usually develop within 1 to 3 days of becoming infected. Most people will feel better within a week. However, you may have a lingering cough and still feel very tired for a further couple of weeks.


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