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FDA Approves New Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication “Onyda XR”

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FDA Approves New Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication "Onyda XR"

(CTN News) – Tris Pharma, a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company, has secured FDA approval for Onyda XR (clonidine hydrochloride), marking a significant development in the treatment options available for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Onyda XR is notably the first liquid non-stimulant medication designed for ADHD and the sole non-stimulant with nighttime dosing indicated.

Stimulant medications have traditionally been the primary treatment for ADHD, but they are not always effective for all patients and can come with challenging side effects.

Onyda XR: Advancing ADHD Treatment

Onyda XR offers an alternative approach, providing extended-release characteristics through Tris Pharma’s LiquiXR drug delivery technology. This innovation allows for once-daily dosing, enhancing convenience and potentially improving adherence among patients.

CEO and founder Ketan Mehta expressed optimism about the launch of Onyda XR, stating, “Tris anticipates having pricing details available as the launch approaches.”

The medication will be available for pediatric patients aged 6 and older, either as a standalone therapy or in combination with central nervous system stimulants.


Tris Pharma’s Innovations in ADHD Treatment:

Tris Pharma, established 24 years ago, has built a reputation for its portfolio of specialty generics, branded products, and over-the-counter medications.

The company has previously faced scrutiny, including recent allegations from the state of Texas regarding the ADHD medication Quillivant XR, developed in partnership with Pfizer.

The development of Onyda XR builds on the success of Tris Pharma’s LiquiXR technology, which transforms immediate-release products into extended-release formulations.

This technology was pivotal in the conversion of clonidine, originally approved by the FDA for the treatment of high blood pressure 50 years ago, into Onyda XR for ADHD management.

Tris Pharma’s efforts to expand its ADHD medication offerings reflect its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of patients.

With Onyda set to launch in the second half of this year, the company aims to provide a viable alternative for those who do not respond well to stimulant medications.

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