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Norovirus Spreading Across US, Northeast Region Hardest Hit

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Norovirus Spreading Across US, Northeast Region Hardest Hit

(CTN News) – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the stomach virus known as the “norovirus” is spreading across the northeastern region of the United States.

It affects it harder than other areas of the country that have recently reported a surge in norovirus cases.

According to a report by the Hill, the average three-week rate of positive tests in the region reached 13.9% in the recent week compared with a 10% rate since the middle of December 2023.

While the northeastern United States is experiencing a high number of positive norovirus cases, recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that other regions are also experiencing positive results.

In the Southern United States, 9.5% of tests returned positive results, in the Midwestern United States, 10% of tests returned positive results, and in the Western United States, approximately 12% of tests returned positive results.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, norovirus is the leading cause of vomiting and diarrhea, as well as foodborne illness in the United States.

As a result of the virus, people of all ages can become infected, and the illness spreads “very quickly and easily.”

In addition, the CDC noted that people can become infected by multiple times over the course of their lifetime due to the wide variety of types of the virus. The advisory states that infection with one type may not provide protection against infection with another.

It is also explained in the advisory that people may be able to develop immunity against specific types of norovirus, although the duration of such immunity is unknown.

It is common for norovirus outbreaks to occur in the late fall, winter, and early spring. There are several symptoms associated with this infection, such as fever, headaches, dehydration, and body aches.

To prevent the spread of norovirus,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised people to wash their hands well with soap and water, to disinfect surfaces with bleach, and to wash laundry in hot water.

There are an estimated 19 to 21 million illnesses caused by norovirus each year in the United States between November and April.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 109,000 hospitalizations and 900 deaths are reported every year as a result of norovirus, which is most common among the elderly.


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