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Marijuana For Patients: How Cannabis is Used in the World For Medical Purposes

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Marijuana For Patients: How Cannabis is Used in the World For Medical Purposes

International law obliges states to control the circulation of cannabis, and its use was criminalized for almost the entire 20th century.

But over the past 20 years, there has been a renewed interest in the medicinal properties of cannabis around the world.

How the ancient Greeks and Romans used this substance, why modern medicine needs marijuana, and how cannabis was legalized in different countries. As one example, a very popular marijuana-related phenomenon today is the medical card in Florida.

How did ancient peoples use cannabis?

Medical marijuana is not a new idea. Even the ancient Scythians knew about the beneficial properties of cannabis and used it for healing in steam baths.

Indian Ayurvedic medicine recommends cannabis for epilepsy, nervousness and bronchitis.

The ancient Romans and the Greeks made it easier for women to give birth with cannabis. And the founders of surgery in China used marijuana as an anesthetic during surgery.

How is cannabis useful in modern medicine?

There are two main active substances in cannabis:

  • cannabidiol (CBD);
  • tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC stimulates nerve activity and can cause psychoactive side effects and feelings of pleasure. But CBD has calming properties.

It helps patients who suffer from pain and increased nervousness. Today, we have learned to regulate the content of these substances in marijuana and adapt it to your needs.

Marijuana with a high content of THC is used to have fun. And marijuana with a low content of this component is used for medical purposes.

It does not cause strange sensations, but it relaxes the muscles, relieves pain and helps to fall asleep.

How was marijuana legalized in different countries?

For the first time, the legalization of medical marijuana was discussed in the United States, where several referendums were held in the 90s.

Also among the countries, Canada can be distinguished, which not only developed a national program for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, but also completely legalized its recreational use last year.

Most countries in the European Union have already fully or partially legalized the use of cannabis or cannabis-based products for medical purposes.

In the Netherlands, patients buy cannabis on prescription at pharmacies for about $10 per gram.

They use inhaled marijuana and herbal tea, smoking the substance is not recommended. As in Croatia, where marijuana is allowed to be consumed in the form of a tea or ointment.

In the Czech Republic, patients can buy up to 180 grams of cannabis per month, and not all doctors are allowed to write prescriptions.

Despite modern research, since 1961 the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs has included cannabis in the list of dangerous drugs and puts it next to heroin and tramadol.

However, the influence of cannabis is being reviewed in many countries, and world organizations are already reviewing the status of cannabis in international drug trafficking treaties.

It will also give many scientists the freedom to experiment and study the side effects of marijuana on humans.

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