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Homeopathy: Everything You Need to Know

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Homeopathy Everything You Need to Know

Homeopathy has had both a good and bad rap of late. While some health professionals and scientists claim that Homeopathy is unproven and doesn’t work, an increasing number of users claim that it’s useful.

The better part is that a homeopathic remedy kit still enjoys legions of fans. If you have tried and found it helpful, or you’ve been curious but never tried it, keep reading for the lowdown.

Homeopathy: What is it?

Homeopathy is a complementary or alternative medicine. It’s based on the “like cures like” idea. In simple words, taking a substance in smaller amounts can address the symptoms that it would trigger when consumed or used in large quantities.

This idea is the same as that of vaccinations. Samuel Hahnemann is the expert behind the homeopathy idea. Samuel developed a chain of dilutions and vigorously shaken preparations of toxic matters like arsenic until the initial substance was undetectable.

Based on Hahnemann’s research and findings, the more diluted elements, the greater the power to treat. Homeopaths believe that individuals who practice homeopathy don’t just treat the condition but the entire body.

With this idea, two individuals could visit a health expert about the same problem but could be given different remedies depending on their symptoms and personalities.


What’s Homeopathy’s Evidence?

Many individuals tend to look for homeopathic products to help them deal with:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Dermatitis

In a study and clinical trial, the remedy Betula 30c could relieve symptoms in individuals with birch pollen allergies. In another study, it was discovered that individuals with sinusitis consuming the homeopathic product Sinfrontal experienced a significant reduction in their symptoms. More studies have tentatively proven that homeopathic products could help alleviate symptoms of an array of conditions, such as:

  • Flue
  • Insomnia
  • PMS
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Menopause, and
  • Childhood diarrhea.


How Can You Use Homeopathy?

It’s advisable to find a homeopath first when you’re planning to try homeopathy. The main reason behind this is remedies are usually prescribed individually, based on a person’s symptoms.

During your first visit, the homeopaths will ask many questions concerning everything from your lifestyle and sleeping habits to diet and personality. You’ll then receive a homeopathic prescription in the form of tiny pills, powder, liquid, or topical cream.

How Can Ollois Help With Homeopathic Products?

Ollois creates homeopathic remedies with the highest quality. To ensure products achieve this quality level, they manage the entire process from seed to shelf.

With strict manufacturing and pharmaceutical standards in mind, Ollois is dedicated to giving its customers access to green and smart medicine they can trust. The brand views homeopathy as part of the modern medicine equation and not as a replacement.

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