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Gluten-Free Diets Are Healthy For Everyone, Right? Dietitian’s Advice



Gluten-Free Diets Are Healthy For Everyone, Right? Dietitian's Advice

(CTN News) – It has become increasingly popular in the nutrition industry to advocate a Gluten-free diet free of gluten, a naturally occurring protein found in certain grains.

There is an increasing variety of gluten-free foods available in grocery stores and restaurants, and more and more people are adopting gluten-free diets for health reasons or as a solution to a variety of ailments, including skin conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, and weight control difficulties, including celebrities, athletes, and perhaps even your relatives.

A gluten-free diet prohibits the consumption of any food or food products that contain gluten, a wheat protein.

Health indicates that some foods, such as soy sauce, flour, beer, pastries, and some seasoned rice mixes, snack foods, and soup mixes, contain gluten.

Gluten-free are required by medical professionals for those with Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder caused by gluten. A gluten-free diet, which involves eliminating all gluten-containing foods, is the only known treatment for celiac disease.

Regardless of whether a gluten-free diet is followed out of necessity in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies, meal plans should be meticulously designed, preferably by a doctor.

According to Alyssa Pacheco, RD, there has been some research suggesting a gluten-free diet may help lower thyroid antibody levels. However, the results have been inconclusive, so this method is not recommended for everyone.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may also benefit from avoiding gluten-containing foods. During a small study conducted in 2016, it was found that gluten-free diets could lessen the intensity of IBS symptoms for some individuals.

Those with IBS are sensitive to short-chain carbohydrates known as FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols), which are poorly absorbed by the intestines and produce digestive irritation. It is therefore possible that gluten may not be the primary cause of these individuals’ symptoms.

The cost of following a gluten-free diet is also high. According to research, gluten-free cereals can cost as much as 205% more than traditional cereals, and gluten-free breads are approximately 267% more expensive than gluten-containing breads.


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