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Home Delivery Of Free COVID-19 Tests Is Now Available From The Government

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Home Delivery Of Free COVID-19 Tests Is Now Available From The Government

(CTN News) – It is now possible to order more free COVID-19 tests online and have them delivered to your home.

Before the typical surge in cases during the winter holiday season, the U.S. government is offering to send another round of four at-home virus tests to prevent the usual spike in cases.

There is a chance for anyone who did not order a batch of four COVID-19 tests in September to obtain up to eight of them this time around through the COVID-19 website starting on Monday. There will be no charge for the delivery of these items by the United States Postal Service.

There has been a spike in RSV cases reported in some areas around the country as the flu season gets underway and the government is mailing out the Coronavirus tests ahead of the season’s start. Hospitalizations caused by COVID-19 Tests were on the rise this fall, but have been steady in recent weeks after the fall spike.

Due to the fact that past vaccinations and infections have induced immunity, the number of cases this year has been lower than in previous years.

There is also a new release of free COVID-19 Tests nasal swab tests in advance of the first winter since the pandemic started since insurers will no longer be obligated to cover the cost of these tests as a result of the new policy.

KFF, a nonprofit organization devoted to conducting health research, has conducted an analysis of at-home diagnostic tests that found they have an average cost of $11 out of pocket.

Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration approved updated versions of the COVID-19 Tests vaccine in September in an attempt to ramp up the level of protection for Americans this winter.

This vaccine targets an omicron descendant known as XBB.1.5, replacing older vaccines that targeted the original coronavirus strain of the virus and a much earlier version of the omicron virus. There is a recommendation that shots be given to everyone aged 6 months or older, however, the uptake of shots has been slow.

During the three years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. taxpayers have spent tens of billions of dollars developing tests, vaccines, and treatments for the disease.

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