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Gastric Balloon – Non-surgical tool used to treat obesity

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Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon: Obesity is a growing concern worldwide with it being an overall concern on health matters. Obesity accounts for most of the life-threatening diseases that affect individuals and their health.

Weight loss is a gruesome and challenging task, and moat individuals struggle to remain faithful to exercise regimes or diet plans. These practices require faithful and rigorous methods and do not offer permanent or sustainable solutions for weight loss.

Gastric balloon procedure is an effective mode of weight loss that doesn’t require surgery. This is a worthy equivalent to bariatric surgery which is normally common in most obesity cases. Bariatric surgery is however costly and poses huge risks to the patient.

Gastric balloons procedure introduces a viable option between changes in lifestyle and bariatric surgery.

Gastric balloon procedures are used on individuals who have not had any previous weight loss surgery. Individuals who qualify for this procedure should have a minimum Body Mass Index of 30.

How it works

Before getting the gastric balloon procedure, the surgeon conducts a background check to ascertain whether the patient qualifies for the procedure. The patient should be able to pass standard health checks and tick off the necessary health boxes.

The procedure is done orally, where the surgeon inserts intragastric balloons are placed endoscopically into the body. These balloons are made out of silicone material and filled with saline solution or air which has a sealing valve to control the release of the solution. This procedure is done in around twenty minutes and the balloons are removed after six months.

The gastric balloon procedure is safe and reversible, and the side effects occur minimally. A pill is inserted into the body to speed up the process, or a camera is inserted into the oesophagus. The balloons are inserted orally and swallowed whole.

There are different types of gastric balloons which aim to cater to different needs. For instance, a single gastric balloon option might be the only option the surgeon is trained in. This is none of the latest FDA approves training that ensures the saline solution is closed in a single casing. This will therefore limit them to consider other options which aren’t familiar to them. In doing so, they might lock out potential beneficial options that ensure safety and responsibility.

Various complications might arise with saline-filled gastric balloons to hinder the treatment process. For instance,

  • The Obalon

The Obalon is swallowed through a pill that comprises a big balloon. The made has made the perfect balloon become filled with gas because it minimizes the risk of saline-filled balloons, and prevents them from causing after three effects the going experiment. The balloon is inserted and placed at three months, with each behind inserted at intervals. This enables the patient to be able to function of the body and prevent the function of pancreatitis, and the risk of possible risk-averse effects.

  • The Orbera

This type of gastric balloon has been the longest in existence and the nicest un management and adjust prices systems. It is considered for extremely overweight patients who require drastic measures in weight loss. For instance, such information will ensure that this system can manage weight systems and ensure patients are aware and not at risk with morbid injections which puts one’s life at risk. For instance, these injections increase the injections towards life-threatening procedures that see the probability of such high-end matters. These procedures are reversible, and patients can be tested for irregular bowel movements bleeding and managing implantation as a result of the balloon being adjusted to this process.

The gastric balloon helps retain weight loss by stimulating gastric stretching the receptors and making them contract and slow down the process by which food is absorbed. This coupled with extreme lifestyle changes such as a prompt exercise regime and diet change will go a long way in minimizing the risk of persistent failure. This procedure also protects individuals who do not qualify for elective surgery and have underlying issues that cause a manager problem in this industry.

Gastric balloons ensure the body feels full and consumed thereby prompting the patient to ingest less food. Therefore, these balloons offer protection from excessive food consumption. The body and mind aim to change their consumption methods and reduce food intake.

In addition to this, a psychologist is an added advantage, to the weight loss program. For this program, having a stringent regimen will make the patient understand the repercussions of unhealthy eating habits, and analyze recurring behaviours that face them in their daily routines.

To fully grasp the full benefits of a gastric balloon procedure, stringent changes in lifestyle management should be incorporated to prevent patients from going back to their previous sizes. As permanent habit changes occur within six months henceforth, gastric balloons offer a less invasive and low-risk option to weight watchers who require consistent results.

Gastric procedures offer various procedures and methods in weight loss management. For instance, some procedures alter the way the stomach absorbs nutrients and minerals by reducing the overall size of the stomach. This is done by rearranging the layout of the small intestines to accommodate a smaller mass. The size of body mass index hugely depends on any underlying conditions which may alter the body.

Another way gastric balloons assist in weight loss is by restricting the passage of food and water. A smaller restriction makes the patient feel full for longer, as they can take on less food and water intake than before therefore making them seem satisfied with fewer portions.

Gastric balloon procedures are normally coupled up with intense regimes and diet plans that aim to change a patient’s life. For instance, these sessions may be done individually or in a group session to ensure that the practices employed are for the betterment of the patient and their health.

With a rapid weight loss decline of about twenty to fifty pounds, patients undergoing this method of weight loss have recorded spectacular results within six months. The cost of this procedure varies from around $5000 to $10,000 depending on the surgeon or physician, their location, and their level of expertise. This gives an affordable option to bariatric surgery which costs significantly higher and is way riskier.



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