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3 Top Ways a Collagen Supplement Improves Skin Health



Collagen Supplement, skin health

Over the past five years, collagen supplementation has acted as a game changer for skin health. It has been helping both women and men to enhance their skin texture, which tends to lose vitality because of age. Many people today want to have glowing, healthy, hydrated skin because of which collagen has become the best-selling supplement across the globe.

Multiple factors contribute to the skin’s aging process, including irradiation, poor diet, intrinsic ageing, environmental pollution, smoking and other stress-related nutrient deficiencies, which result in collagen loss in your skin because of age. The best solution here is the best collagen supplement Singapore.

1. Let’s delve deep into collagen and its properties

However, it is somewhat interesting to think whether the real craze concerning the collagen supplements available on the market is worth making an investment. Or is it just a protein option that you have for your shakes?

Simply put, collagen is one of the most abundant structural proteins that are available in mammals. The literal meaning of collagen is glue in Greek.

Hence, collagen is known to offer support to multiple tissues, like the teeth, skin, ligaments, tendons and various connective tissues in the body. In fact, it is considered the decisive protein that decides on the skin physiology by retaining your skin structure and allowing several functions. Collagen is also an essential part of your ligaments and joints, which is why it gets ample relevance for maintaining your vitality.

That aside, the online stores have also become viral with multiple collagen supplements ranging from marine, and plant-based to bovine. The other way of classifying the collagen is to tag it in I, II and III. You need to know which one you must consume and how much of it you should have.

Since collagen is usually found in skin, hair, bones, nails and also ligaments, it isn’t vegan. It gets obtained from multiple animal sources, like cattle/beef, porcine, humans and other marine organisms, such as fish skin and fish scale.

Today, you can obtain multiple kinds of collagen from the healthy proteins in the diet by eating foods infused with bones, like eating the cartilage directly from the bone. You can also get it by consuming organ meats and drinking the Bone Broth Collagen Suppliment.

Collagen Supplement

2. How can you choose the correct collagen supplement?

The most well-researched and popular benefits of collagen supplement is the one derived from the bovine, mostly available in cows. Recently, fish-derived collagen has grown in prominence, mostly because of a few ethical causes. Also, the marine collagen is not very well researched. Today, several studies highlight that people often witness an improvement in their skin health when they consume daily supplements.

The other trend available in the market is the “plant-based collagen” or the “vegan-collagen” that gets sourced routinely from genetically managed bacteria and yeast. It is very less researched collagen form than the bovine or marine form.

Usually, plant-based collagen doesn’t come with natural collagen peptides. It only aims to offer amino acid composition, much like the ones in collagen, Hydroxyproline, Glycine, Arginine, Proline, Alanine and glutamic acid. Hence, if you are vegan and searching for the benefits of a collagen supplement, it is a great option to eat food with a similar percentage of amino acid content for collagen. It can comprise of black beans, soy products, seeds, nuts and a few legumes.

Collagen Supplement

3. The dosage and other details

When it is about the duration and the dosage, most studies highlighted that people saw a remarkable difference between 30 and 90 days. Also, the dosage can differ since the collagen supplement is available in capsule and powder forms.

However, it is available on an average dose of between 4 and 10 grams daily, which can help you with maximum advantages. When it comes to the dose there isn’t one size that fits all. Usually, it depends on the age and other health factors that a person has. Hence, once you share your details with the doctor, they can guide you better with the dose.

That aside, you should also stay tuned to the other advantages of collagen! The supplementation doesn’t just benefit your skin but also enhances the joint health. That aside, collagen has many biological properties, like antihypertensive, anti-oxidant and lipid-lowering activities, along with the established reparative actions in the damaged skin.

So, can collagen help you to have wrinkle-free and flawless skin for a lifetime? The question needs to be answered with a bit of perspective here. The truth is that no one can cancel out ageing. With time, one has to age and the skin quality with never be what it was in your youth.

But when you consume foods that are rich in nutrients and add a collagen supplement, there is a good chance that you can slow down the aging process. It means collagen does justice about its hype, but you have to be accurate.


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