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What Do I Need To Know About Replacing My Window Sashes?



Window Sash

Window Sash: Window installation In Grand Prairie is a renovation project that can add a great deal of value to your home. With new windows, you’ll be reaping the benefits of increased energy efficiency, natural lighting, and aesthetic appeal. Windows are designed to last a long time, but accidents happen all of the time. Whether it be your kid accidentally hitting a baseball into a window, or accidentally mowing up a row that flies into your window, these things are just a part of life. If you find yourself in this situation, you might be wondering if you need to fully replace the window or simply need to get it repaired.

Can You Fix A Broken Window Sash?

There are sash replacement kits that make replacing a window a little easier for those that have never had the chance to learn about the process before. A sash kit might include things like:

  • Trim
  • Casing
  • Frame

A sash kit will help you avoid dealing with all of the increased labour of fixing your window and will primarily focus directly on repairing the window sash. It still might be a time-consuming process that will require a little bit of learning, but you should be able to get the job done if you closely follow the instructions that come included with the kit.

Replacing Your Window Sash

When you’re replacing your window sashes out of a kit, you’ll get:

  • The sash
  • The compression jamb liners
  • The sill dam
  • The head parting stop

A lot of the sash replacement kits are designed to a certain brand of windows, and you’ll want to keep that in mind for the type of windows that you have installed. This will prevent you from purchasing the wrong sash replacement kit. You typically won’t be able to find a sash replacement kit at your local home hardware store, but there might be a chance that you can get an order called in.

Window Installation In Grand Prairie

There are certain cases where you’ll have to completely replace your window, and that is a little more expensive than just purchasing a sash replacement kit and doing it on your own. Window replacement is a highly technical skill that includes a number of steps to get the job done properly. If one step is missed, it can lead to problems that will later cost you more money than if you had just hired a professional window contractor in the first place.

Sometimes finding out what window company to go with can be frustrating in itself. A good one will make the entire window installation process go by much more smoothly. NorthTech Windows & Doors is a highly reputable company that provides honest feedback regarding your current situation. Your satisfaction is their goal, and they do their best to ensure your needs are met.

If you’re sensing that the area around your windows is compromised, you’ll most likely have to get a new construction window installed. There are a few cases where you’ll want to consider this:

  • If the frame is rotting and deteriorating
  • If insects have caused damage to your window
  • If the studs or sheathing around the window are deteriorating
  • If the window sash isn’t working properly
  • If you’re doing a full renovation project in that particular area

How Do You Take The Measurements For A New Window Sash?

There are a couple of steps involved in taking the correct measurements for your window sash:

  • Get rid of all of the screens and shutters on the window
  • Take off the old sash
  • Get your tape measure and start to measure both the height and weight of the window opening
  • You’ll want to take measurements for each side and top
  • After the measurements, select the lowest one of all the measurements for both sides and the top
  • Place your order for the window sash

Taking Off The Old Sash

If you have old windows, taking the sash off is a little more complicated because you’ll have to worry about the weight mechanism in it. Modern windows that are manufactured out of vinyl are a lot more straightforward because they utilize a spring balance.

If your windows have a balancing weight, you’ll need to get a utility knife to slice off paint that is sealed around the window to the wall. After that, get a pry bar and start to pry off the window stop. Once the window stop is removed, you can take out the sash. You’ll see the balancing weight still in place. This will look like a cylinder that’s made out of iron and situated in a tiny cavity that’s connected to the sash with a rope. The simplest way is to just slice the rope with your knife while allowing the sash to slip down through the cavity. After that, take the sash out and put it in a safe place.

With your sash replacement kit, you’ll have a balancing mechanism along with it in order to replace your old weighted mechanism.

Window installation in Grand Prairie can be a frustrating task to navigate. If you’re getting confused and flustered before you even begin, consider contacting NorthTech Windows & Doors. They make the window installation process look much easier than it is, and you won’t have to worry about anything every step of the way.


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