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How To Paint A Radiator



How To Paint A Radiator

Painting your radiator doesn’t need to be a difficult task. We all want to express ourselves when it comes to our own personal interior design choices, what where do you start when you want to paint your radiator? Thankfully, we are here to help. Follow these steps and you will be able to paint your radiator any shade you wish. Whether it’s a glossy, metallic, or matte finish, life becomes much easier when you’re in the know.

Turn Off The Heat

This is a critical first step. The last thing we want is for you to get burnt! Make sure your radiator is absolutely stone cold before you attempt to apply any sort of radiator, heatproof paint. If your radiator is still even a little bit warm, this can cause all sorts of major issues. Within this stage, also ventilate your room to ensure that you don’t breathe in a potentially dangerous fume from the paint once you start applying it.

Make Some Space

You’ll need a clear, clean area before you begin applying paint to your radiator. Remove all dust and dirt from the area and move any furniture out of the way, we wouldn’t want you to get any of the paint on your other personal belongings. Even if you consider yourself someone with a steady hand, we would recommend you clear the area as much as possible. Paint is always liable to splash, so lay down some cardboard or old sheets to protect your environment.

Clean and Sand Your Radiator

Radiators may not look dirty, but they do pick up a lot of greases, grime, and a great deal of dirt. After you have wiped your radiator down to a sufficient level with water and detergent, you should then be able to sand it. This will allow for a smooth surface for you to apply the paint, allowing for a much easier painting process when the time is right. You can vacuum any of the debris that is removed from the sanding process, and then you should nearly be good to go.

Add the First Coat of Paint

The base coat will allow you to get a nice smooth surface of paint down to begin. Be careful not to add too much paint here as it could become lumpy, which is not ideal. If you are painting column radiators, you should use a small brush throughout, ensuring you apply a smooth layer within each of the smaller spaces between each column. Always paint in the same direction within every stage of painting for the best results.

Add the Final Coating

You are now ready to paint your radiator however you wish, with whatever colour or type of paint you wish. Please note that you should always use heatproof, drip-free paint so that your radiator does not damage the paint you use, which will cause many more issues down the line. Here, you can relax, enjoy your freshly painted radiator, and complete the interior design of your room as you wish.


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