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3 Reasons to Use Acupuncture Induction to Induce Labour

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3 Reasons to Use Acupuncture Induction to Induce Labour

Giving birth and bringing a new life into the world is one of the most beautiful experiences for parents. However, it can be challenging to tackle the pain, exhaustion, and discomfort that come with it. Many pregnant women resort to acupuncture in such cases. But how can acupuncture assist in inducing labour?

Before continuing, it’s important to know that research on acupuncture’s ability to induce labour is currently ongoing and inconclusive. This is specifically stated to prevent readers or potential patients from being misled about acupuncture’s ability to induce labour.

Chinese medicine considers labour induction a natural procedure, according to Chinese practitioners. When your body and baby are ready, labour starts on its own. “When the vine is ripe, the melon will fall,” goes a proverb in Chinese medicine. Theoretically, it implies that rather than presuming that the baby is ready and starting induction techniques, we should support the pregnancy by nurturing it and letting nature take its course.

If you want to get acupuncture to induce labour naturally, it is important to choose the best acupuncture in Melbourne and visit a reputable acupuncture clinic for the process.

3 Reasons to Use Acupuncture Induction to Induce Labour

What is Labour Induction?

Induction of Labour is a procedure used to end a pregnancy by attaining a vaginal delivery before the onset of labour if complications pose a risk to the mother or baby. To offer a somewhat accurate duration of gestation, a woman’s last monthly period is used to date a term pregnancy at 37 to 42 weeks.

The baby or mother can experience complications if the fetus is born earlier or later than this window.

Since ancient times, acupuncture has been used to induce labour. Jia Yi Jing (282 CE), in particular, refers to this practice and states that it should be performed when labour is absent or takes a long time to start.

Acupuncture has minimal side effects compared to Syntocinon (oxytocin infusion), which may rupture the uterus with unnaturally intense contractions. However, acupuncture may cause bruising or dull aches and pains like other medical procedures.

How Acupuncture Can Be a Pre-Birth Technique

Pre-Birth treatments refer to a course of acupuncture visits during the last few weeks of pregnancy to assist the woman get ready for labour. This often begins when the gestational age of 36–37 weeks has been reached and upon receiving confirmation from your midwife that you and your baby are healthy. Also, eliminates any issues, such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, oedema, protein in the urine, and so on.

Your acupuncturist can administer mild, individualized treatments when the pregnancy is farther along. This can give you a secure and efficient choice for improving relaxation and assisting your body’s natural transition toward labour.

3 Reasons to Use Acupuncture Induction to Induce Labour

What your acupuncturist may concentrate on while treating you:

Regulating the mother’s Qi (energy), Blood, Yin, and Yang before giving birth.

● Cervical Maturation

● Correct Positioning Of The Baby.

● Increasing Energy Levels.

● Reduction In Stress.

Symptoms that acupuncture may help with during pregnancy include:

● Back pain

● Leg cramps.

● Nasal blockage

● Sleeplessness or difficulty falling asleep.

● Anxiety.

● Tiredness.

Medical Induction

Medical induction methods are used when prolonged labour might put the mother or the infant in danger of complications. The following is a list of common techniques.

● Sweeping the membranes.

● Artificial Rupture of the Membranes (ARM).

● Application of prostaglandin (PEG2) gel to the cervix.

● Synthetic intravenous oxytocin (syntocinon).

Complications That May Require Medical Induction

● Diabetes.

● Pre-eclampsia.

● High Blood Pressure.

● heart problems.

● Epilepsy.

● Pregnancy-related cholestasis

● Late-stage pregnancy bleeding

● Rupture of the membranes before the start of labour.

● Over-42-week gestation.

Your acupuncturist will proceed with the induction procedure once they have confirmed that you are in good health to support the body’s natural progression toward the onset of labour.

How does the process work?

When you arrive at the clinic, you will notice that the environment is relaxing and the lighting is muted, with soothing music playing in the background. All to make your visit more comforting. Your treatment will take between 30 and 45 minutes after they have you resting comfortably on your side with pillows supporting you or sitting comfortably.

You are more than welcome to join with a partner by your side. Your acupuncturist may also explain some acupressure techniques for you at home to improve the effectiveness of your treatment, trigger labour, and ease the discomfort of your contractions.

Before searching “acupuncturist near me”, always consult your doctor and ask them if they can recommend a good acupuncture clinic.

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