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What Makes Colombian Coffee the World’s Best? 



Colombian Coffee

Everyone who visits Colombia never fails to bring back some Colombian coffee with them. You will read many things about South America and its natural beauty, but what makes the place more famous is that Colombia is the best place for tasting the best coffee in the world.

Not everyone can afford to visit Colombia to get the best coffee with them to their home. If you are also one such coffee lover and are willing to taste Colombian coffee in your home, then you can visit Colombian Coffee US. They are the best destination for you to find all kinds of Colombian coffee beans ground into the powder of your requirement. Visit the webpage and place an order now.

Types of Coffee Beans 

Here are some of the many kinds of coffee beans that are available for your purchase.

  • Arabica 

Arabica is one of the many kinds of coffee beans that are grown worldwide. These are the large and oval-shaped coffee beans rich in sugars and lipids and less caffeine. You can enjoy sweeter and aromatic coffee from boiling the powder, which is ground from these beans.

  • Robusta 

Robusta beans are rounder in shape and they are rich in caffeine and a low percentage of lipids and sugar. Hence, the coffee that is prepared from these bean powders will be bitter, and highly caffeinated.

The Colombian coffee is prepared from grinding the Arabica beans, and hence every sip of the drink will feast your taste buds with the sweet flavor of the beans.


Colombia is a mountainous region and this factor offers the best type of location for coffee to get all the required facilities to grow healthily in these areas. The high rainfall, tropical location, terrain region, enough supply of sunlight, etc., are some of the contributing factors.

Colombia takes pride in being the third-best producer of coffee around the globe, after Vietnam, and Brazil. The most grown type of coffee here is Arabica, and this coffee type has successfully taken over the world of coffee producers. You can find more than 500,000 families that work as coffee farmers in Colombia.

Other than Arabica, the Colombian farmers focus on marinating some of the other coffee types such as Typica, Castillo, Cattura, Tabi, Geisha, and Bourbon. These are some other forms of Arabica coffee that the farmers focus on Colombian soil. The plants are the shrubs that grow till 9 to 12m and will produce white-colored flowers and this will later bloom to cherry-like fruits of red color. These are the fruits that bear the coffee beans inside them.

These cherry-like fruits are plucked later and dried under the sunlight for a few days. This finest coffee will contain beans in their womb and the beans will be removed through many processes. The final beans will be ground to the desired powdered form and will be distributed worldwide for the people that love enjoying Colombian coffee whenever they feel like it.

Colombian coffee is rich in many nutrients such as Vitamin B2, B3, B5, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and so on. Hence, every sip of this coffee will not only feast on your taste buds, but will also energize your body from the inside.


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