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Mexican Pizza Returns to Taco Bell after a 2-Year Pause



tacho bell maxican pizza

After a two-year hiatus, Taco Bell will be bringing back a favorite taco.

It was announced on Monday that a fast-food chain is bringing back its popular Mexican pizza on May 19, after it had been removed from the menu in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 200,000 signatures were collected by a Change.Org petition was encouraged to bring back the item after a petition was launched asking for its return.

A South Asian living in the United States, Krish Jagirdar created this particular item, which he noted is very popular amongst the Indian community.

taco bell pizza


“Like many Indian-Americans who were vegetarian growing up, I had limited access to the fun, fast foods offered by many fast-food restaurants in the United States, so to belong in American culture, Taco Bell became a bridge between me and my friends who grew up in immigrant households,” Jagirdar stated in a news release from Taco Bell.

Obviously, this made it even more devastating when they removed the Mexican Pizza from menus in 2020, but just two years later I got on a Taco Bell conference call where the team introduced them to the news of the return of the Mexican Pizza, demonstrating that listening to their customers has always been a part of their DNA.”

Vegetarians can order the pizza without seasoned meat, which makes it a favourite among vegetarians. In addition to crispy flour shells, beans, pizza sauce, melted cheese and tomatoes, the dish consists of crispy flour shells.

During her Coachella performance, singer Doja Cat, who is partnered with Taco Bell, was among the first to confirm the news that Mexican Pizza would be returning. She blurted out to the audience, “I brought back a Mexican Pizza by the way!”.

“She literally dropped the mic announcing the HOT news that the Mexican Pizza will be returning this May,” Taco Bell said in its statement.

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