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Where to Get the Best Pizza in PJ



Best Pizza in PJ

Petaling Jaya is full of foodies who are out to find the best places to eat and enjoy a night out with friends. For many of these PJ residents pizza is a favourite food item and it’s perfect to share with a large group making it an ideal way to go out with your friends. With a large selection of restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start in your pursuit for the best pizza in PJ, so this article will help give you a head start on some of the most popular and delicious pizzas around.

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Verona Trattoriah

If you want an authentic Italian pizza experience, Verona Trattoria is the place for you. They serve high-end Italian food, including excellent pizzas, all within a comfortable restaurant environment that is decorated to make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy for the evening. Their menu features all the classic pizza combinations that you love as well as many other Italian dishes fused with just enough Malaysian flair to make you feel right at home. Certainly one of the best pizza locations in PJ for anyone who is looking for a classy night out.

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Enorme Italian Restaurant

Enorme is another great pizza place for those who love Italian-style pizza. Their wood-fired pizzas are full of authentic flavours served up on a deliciously fluffy crust. With a more modern ambience, the dining experience at Enorme is truly special. They also offer uniquely sized pizzas for any customer, including both the XXS pizza, which is only 5 inches in diameter and the XXL pizza, which is a whopping 21 inches. This restaurant definitely has the best pizzas in PJ for anyone looking to try an exciting new size of the pie.

Cone Pizza

If you’re interested in a more abstract eating experience, then Cone Pizza may be the best pizza in PJ for you. This unique pizza establishment serves its pizza wrapped up in a mess-free cone fashion perfect for those who want to break tradition and have pizza without getting their hands dirty. Their cone-shaped dough allows for a quick snack version of your favourite pizzas so you have a slice on the go or just enjoy an exciting new dining vibe.

The Best Pizza in PJ

Now you have all the information you need to begin your Petaling Jaya pizza exploration. We’ve listed some amazing pizza places with great atmospheres, excellent menu options, and a history of happy customers to give you the certainty that you’ll enjoy your night out there. The final decision on which pizza in PJ is the best is yours to make, however, so grab your friends and check out these amazing pizzerias for yourself.

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