5 Tips To Promote Your Food Restaurant Business In Thailand
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5 Tips to Promote Your Food Restaurant Business In Thailand



Restaurant Business In Thailand

There are some ways through which you could promote your Food Restaurant Business in Thailand. Let’s see some of the key ways of promoting the Food Restaurant business in Thailand.

Let’s Begin!

  • Are you a food enthusiast?
  • Want to have your own business?

Thailand is a great place where you could have your own Food Restaurant. Who is not a fan of Thai food? The aroma and flavor of Thai food have conquered people across the world.

But if you want to conquer Thailand with the food you have, you need to chalk out a full proof plan of promotion.

Well, there are some websites where you will get facts and data. But you need some quality content.

So we are putting in some important Tips to promote Food and Restaurant Business in Thailand.

Mise En Plas (Procurement Of Ideas)

If you want to open your new business in Thailand, you need to have a comprehensive plan in place.

You need to have comprehensive knowledge and inputs regarding the country which will leverage your food restaurant business promotion.

So let’s procure some information, the core requirements to framing promotion plans, you know.

Restaurant Business And Food Service Industry In Thailand

The restaurant industry in Thailand has always been a bubbling forget economy. However, the food and restaurant Industry remains strong amidst ups and downs.

Thailand’s Cosmopolitanism has always fanned the restaurant industry to maintain moderate growth. And it’s not just words; let us provide some numbers.

The Accommodation and Food Service Industry in Thailand contributed approximately around 514.6 billion Thai baht to Thailand’s GDP. In that very year, the total GDP of the county was around 15. 6 Trillion Thai Baht. So the percentile share is thick and strong.

The cafes, bars, and restaurants performed well even when the economy was in the doldrums amidst the pandemic stagnancy. It manifests the high propensity of the Thai People.

Companies like Foodpanda, Grab food, Happyfresh, and others built a food delivery market of $1billion in 2020.

Experts have conjectured an undaunting growth forecast of 6% from 2017 to 2024. As recorded on June 21, around 73% of respondents suggested that they would be restaurant frequenters in six months.

So what’s the problem? The restaurant economy provides you with a good pedestal, where you have bright prospects of dow well as a potential restaurant owner.

Food Culture

Is it possible to run a food restaurant business if you do not have much of an idea regarding the food culture? It’s not. You need to have some basic ideas regarding Thai food culture.

If you have high food prices, Thai food and delicacies are definitely the gods and goddesses. Thai food has always arrested and enticed food enthusiasts across the globe.

Its (Thai food) footprint on the global culinary shores is extremely pronounced. Adorers often refer to Thai food as a canvas painted with food. They are so colorful, you know!

At the restaurants, several dishes are offered, including salads, stir-fries, barbecued meat or fish, and soup.

Thai people generally like to take single small bites using their spoons. However, the Non-Thai generally practice double dipping as the preferred dining etiquette when eating Thai food.

There are cooking schools running all around Thailand. That’s important when you consider the food restaurant business.

Now the Preparation (Promotion Tips)

Now that you have everything in place, the know-how on Economy and Food Culture, you are free to chalk out your promotion plan for your food restaurant business.

1. Basic Question

Before you start to chalk out your promotional, you need to answer these questions :

1. Who is Your Target Audience?

2. What kind of food is loved by Thai people across different age groups?

3. How are you going to attract them?

4. How do you create a loyal customer base?

In a research conducted in Thailand, around 45% of the people searched for “health food.”

This denotes that your Target customers are middle-aged people, above 30+. This group has more health concerns.

2. Priorities Of The Locals

This also highlights the lifestyle changes that are reflected in the lifestyle and priorities of Thai people. They are searching more for the Vegetarian Food (Roman and Reichel (2019).

Another important piece of information for you is that Thai chefs take pride in using local products and ingredients that are bio-diversified.

That is, they are procured from the local customers. So could attract local customs only through indigenous food culture and practices.

Remember, whatever food you serve, be mindful of the local touch; something alien will not work, be it food or economics. This is an important factor in the success of the food restaurant business.

3. Technology

Technology is an important element so far as the food business is concerned. You have all heard about 3D-printed food, a new culinary idea running all around.

Whatever you consider, is it hotels or restaurants, technology has been a great facilitator. Therefore you need to ensure that you bring the necessary technology into your system that arms your entire team.

4. Online Marketing

While you are opening a food restaurant business in Thailand, you need to oversee your Online Promotional Campaigns.

There are different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Line, TikTok, and YouTube where you need to carry out extensive promotional Campaigns.

Your strategy must include online videos, running content, and others. Therefore it is quite clear that social media marketing is an important element in the entire scheme of things, remember.

5. Maintain Supply Chain

There are hundreds and thousands of restaurants operating in Thailand. Customers will look for persistent quality and timely supply.

To make your food restaurant business successful in Thailand, you must maintain a solid supply chain. Be vocal for whatever local- raw materials, food ingredients, suppliers. It will be beneficial in striking differences from your competitors.

Nice Food!

It can therefore be understood that you need to have a potent plan while you are thinking of running your food restaurant business in Thailand.

You need to behave thorough knowledge regarding the local Thai food practice and the whereabouts of the industries.

This is what will make your recipe (business plan) a huge hit!

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