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One Of Resident Evil 4’s Biggest Omissions Returns With DLC



One Of Resident Evil 4's Biggest Omissions Returns With DLC

(CTN News) – There were a few memorable moments and bosses from the original Resident Evil 4 that were removed from the remake.

However, it appears the new expansion, Separate Ways, will bring some of those back. In a new launch trailer for the Separate Ways DLC, protagonist Ada Wong is shown to be able to accomplish what Leon S.

Kennedy couldn’t do in the RE4 remake, including slaying guards on a cable car ride as well as dodging deadly security lasers in a hallway.

The trailer also appears to hint that Separate Ways may be changing things up narratively, as it strongly implies that Ada in Resident Evil 4 will be infected by a Plaga during the course of the film.

Throughout the DLC, Ada will also have to battle Ramón Salazar’s second Verdugo, who appears to stalk her throughout the course of the game. Does the Separate Ways trailer tease another boss fight that we will see in the film?

The game’s other big bads do not resemble the clawed hand that appears around a corner at one point, but it does look like a clawed hand. Is this a sign that the U-3 creature, which was mentioned in the remake of Resident Evil 4 but was not seen, will return in the sequel?

Ada will make extensive use of her Hookshot during the gameplay, not only to traverse like Spider-Man, but to defend herself against enemies as well.

During the Separate Ways launch trailer, Ada is shown using her grappling hook gun to snatch a shield away from a cultist and to close the distance between her and an Armadura in order to land a roundhouse kick with style.

It has been announced that Separate Ways will be available on Sept. 21 for Resident Evil 4. There will be no additional charge for the add-on, which will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

Alongside the expansion, Capcom will release a free update for Resident Evil 4’s Mercenaries mode, which will allow players to play as Ada Wong and Albert Wesker.


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