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Marvel’s Spider-Man Now Way Home Ties Up Loose Ends



Critics say Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home ties up loose ends in an entertaining web-swinging adventure. Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker, as the third iteration of Marvel’s Peter Parker franchise.

As part of the Marvel Universe, the film attempts to combine the era of Holland with the Spidey-verses of previous stars Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

The magazine Variety said that director Jon Watts “wrangles the unwieldy premise into a consistently entertaining” blockbuster.

In his review, writer Peter Debruge praised the use of the multiverse plot to “deepen the exploration of what Peter Parker stands for”.

Following on from 2019’s Far From Home, where the villainous Mysterio unmasked Parker before dying, this film follows the same theme.

Parker’s family and friends are now threatened by his revealed identity, so he asks Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, to cast a spell that will reapply his anonymity.

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Holland’s Parker ends up being forced to face old enemies as well as meet his alternate selves after the plan goes wrong, opening a portal to parallel worlds.

There has been a lot of speculation and anticipation surrounding the return of Garfield and Maguire – followed by repeated denials from those involved. Most people, however, did not believe it.

In Debruge’s opinion, the former Spider-Men do return with style. In addition to that, he said that the storyline affords Holland’s character more depth as he grapples with his role in Mysterio’s death.

He wrote that a movie about idealistic teens contesting everything Western civilization thought it knew about crime and punishment, power and privilege, should focus on the repercussions.

“It’s fascinating to watch a Hollywood film that tackles the root causes of the characters’ megalomaniacal behaviour.”

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