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How World Of Warcraft Item Restoration Operates



How World Of Warcraft Item Restoration Operates

(CTN News) – The World Of Warcraft item restoration service is a convenient feature in World of Warcraft that allows players to recover accidentally sold, disenchanted, or destroyed items from their inventory.

It’s a common occurrence to mistakenly get rid of an item while trying to organize your bags before a raid, especially when you’re unsure if it’s an upgrade or not.

If you realize your mistake immediately, you can easily retrieve the item by using the “buy back” tab at any vendor. However, if some time has passed since the incident, you may consider submitting a ticket to request item restoration.

Fortunately, the process is much simpler than that. You have the power to restore your lost item yourself through the WoW item restoration service. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Restoring items in World of Warcraft: A guide

You can use the item restoration service once every seven days, and each of your characters is subject to this limit.
Go to the Blizzard website’s item restoration page. To recover an item, adhere to these instructions:

  • “Begin item restoration” will be clicked.
  • Choose your avatar from the roster.
  • Select the things you wish to restore from the list.
  • To confirm, click “Review item restoration” to proceed to the next screen.

Prior to restoring your items, you will be presented with the cost required to retrieve them. This cost will not exceed the World Of Warcraft amount you received when you initially destroyed the item, but it must be available for exchange in order to retrieve the item.

If you sold the item, you will need the gold you received, and if you disenchanted it, you will need the crafting materials. This measure is likely in place to prevent players from exploiting the service to gain materials or gold.


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