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Trump’s ‘Unified Reich’ Election Victory Video Is Removed Following Backlash

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Unified Reich
Donald Trump poses for photos before the hearing begins. Pic: Reuters

(CTN News) – The phrase “Unified Reich” was taken out of a social media video on Monday by former president Donald Trump, who did so in response to criticism that it made reference to Nazi Germany.

The term “Unified Reich” appears in fake news headlines announcing Trump’s imaginary victory in the 2024 presidential contest. The storyteller poses the question, “What happens after Donald Trump wins?”

The headline is bold and begs the question, “What’s next for America?” A subtitle claims that the creation of a unified Reich significantly increased industrial strength.

Then, the video projects that should Trump win in 2024, there will be a boom in the economy, tax breaks, increased border security, and the expulsion of illegal immigrants.

On Monday night, a Biden-Harris 2024 campaign spokesman attacked the movie, saying it “parroted ‘Mein Kampf.'”

James Singer, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, released the following statement: “Donald Trump is not indulging in rhetoric; rather, he is clearly outlining his goals to the American people:

Impose totalitarian rule over a “unified Reich.”

“Parroting ‘Mein Kampf’ while you warn of a bloodbath if you lose is the type of unhinged behavior you get from a guy who knows that democracy continues to reject his extreme vision of chaos, division, and violence,” Singer said.

The Trump campaign insisted in a statement to ABC News that the disputed video was accidentally posted online by a staff member who didn’t know the word, rather than being a part of the campaign.

The campaign’s press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, released the following statement:

“This was not a Unified Reich campaign video.” “It was posted by a staff member who obviously did not see the word, subsequent to its creation by an arbitrary online account, while the President was in court.”

At 1:58 p.m. ET, during the lunch break of Trump’s hush money trial, the video was released. After being posted on Trump’s social media page for more than eighteen hours, the video was taken down early on Tuesday morning.

The film looks like it was made with an old-fashioned newspaper-style pre-existing video template. The template has references to historical dates and events in a number of its components.

Within the template, there appears to be one fake news piece that states, “There was a significant increase in industrial strength in 1871.”

“Propelled by the establishment of a unified Reich,”

But the year 1871 appears squished and compressed in the video that Trump posted.

Trump was accused earlier in the year of mimicking the language of Nazi Germany or fascist leaders on multiple occasions. He likened his political rivals to “vermin” that he planned to “eradicate” at a rally in November of last year.

In addition, Trump has come under fire for his repeated claims that illegal immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” with some blaming Hitler and white supremacists for coining this phrase. Hitler mentioned “blood poisoning” in his well-known book “Mein Kampf.”

Later, Trump denied ever having heard of “Mein Kampf” and asserted that he uses the word “in an entirely different fashion” when disparaging undocumented immigrants.

Additionally, last year, Steven Cheung, a Unified Reich spokesman for the Trump campaign, called the analogies to Hitler and Mussolini “ludicrous claims.”

“Those who try to make that ridiculous assertion are clearly snowflakes grasping for anything because they are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and their sad, miserable existence will be crushed when President Trump returns to the White House,” said Cheung.


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