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Police Arrest Eleven Thugs for Rioting and Destroying Hospitals

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Police Arrest Eleven Thugs for Rioting and Destroying Hospitals

Police in central Thailand have arrested 11 young men after rioting broke out at two hospitals in Samut Prakan on Sunday. After a rioting brawl between two rival groups that left one man dead and two injured.

Samut Prakan provincial police, said the arrests were made after investigators obtained CCTV footage of the rioting at the two hospitals. Police also gained statements from two injured teenagers.

Police said the rioting men damaged medical equipment at the two hospitals. The said Vibharam Chaiprakarn Hospital and Muangsamut Poo Chao Hospital in Samut Prakan were where the rioting broke out.

A chief investigator Pol Lt Col Sumeth Salee said the two groups of men began fighting early on Sunday evening. The fighting broke out in front of a house in central Thailand’s Samut Prakan.

One man, was stabbed in the right of his chest and seriously injured. He fell unconscious and was rushed by friends to Vibharam Chaiprakarn Hospital.

Two members of the other group were also injured. They were admitted to Muangsamut Hospital. A few kilometres away from Vibharam Chaiprakarn Hospital.

Rioters went crazy after friend died

Police Arrest Eleven Thugs for Rioting and Destroying Hospitals

At around 6pm at Vibharam Chaiprakarn Hospital, where the boy stabbed was being treated, about 20 of his friends arrived on motorcycles.

A doctor told them and a group of relatives that the man had died. This enraged his friends, who went on a rioting rampage.  They attacked the doctors and hospital staff, sending them fleeing in fear.

The rioting men damaged medical equipment; smashed glass doors and windows of the emergency ward; and whatever they could lay their hands on. The mob then learned that two injured members of the other gang were in Muangsamut Hospital. They abruptly left on motorcycles, heading for the other hospital.

About 7.30pm on Sunday they arrived at Muangsamut Hospital. Carrying lengths of wood and floor mops take from the other hospital. They then forced their way into the emergency ward where the two injured men were being treated. They then attacked the men’s friends and began destroying equipment and furniture.

A nurse in the hospital said they followed their rivals everywhere. Even into an emergency room and fought against each other inside that room. Witnesses said the rioting mob fled in all directions as police arrived at the scene.

Source: Thairath, Bangkok Post

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