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Police Apprehend Teen Over Gruesome Murder of Young Woman



Young woman's body was found bound, bagged, and handless: Post Image

An 18-year-old freshman is in police custody after allegedly attempting suicide to avoid arrest in connection with the gruesome murder of a young woman in Pathum Thani, central Thailand.

The 19-year-old suspect was arrested hours after the young woman’s bound, bagged, and handless body was discovered among debris beneath the Udon Ratthaya highway in tambon Bang Phun, Pathum Thani, on Wednesday morning.

A vehicle technician at a garage witnessed a biker throwing something there around 5 a.m. When questioned, the motorcyclist said it was a “thing he loved”.

According to the Bangkok Post, the suspect was captured on the premises of a Pathum Thani housing complex after attempting to commit suicide using drugs. Police transported him to Krung Siam St Carlos Hospital in Pathum Thani.

Pol Maj Gen Yutthana Jonkhun, chief of Pathum Thani police, said detectives studied surveillance camera footage of the roads leading from the area where the body was discovered to the residence.

The case involves investigators from Pak Klong Rangsit police station, Provincial Police Region 1, and Pathum Thani police.

They only identified the culprit as Thanakorn, 18, of Bangkok, and the victim as Waranya, also 18, of Uttaradit. Both were about to start university as freshmen students.

Reddish Stains on Motorcycle

According to police, the suspect’s elder brother, who lives in the same house, said police he overheard his brother arguing with his girlfriend inside their room at night. He called for them to cease, and they became silent.

The elder brother stated that when he and his girlfriend departed for work at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, he saw his younger brother’s motorcycle had some fresh reddish stains on it. He wasn’t sure if it was blood or not.

Around noon, he received a call from his mother, requesting him to return home and check on his brother. He arrived to find Thanakorn’s bedroom door shut. He broke in through the door and discovered his younger brother laying naked and convulsing. He assumed his sibling attempted suicide.

Their parents and police arrived later, according to the suspect’s brother.

The suspect was unable to provide his side of the tale. He was remained in a hospital in Pathum Thani, according to a police official.

Forensic officers were investigating the house where the murder reportedly occurred. The father informed police that his son had a mental illness and had treatment documents.

Police apprehension

On Wednesday evening, Pol Lt Gen Jirasan Kaewsaeng-ek, commissioner of Provincial officers Region 1, stated that it took officers almost two hours to locate down the suspect in a Rangsit housing estate. The suspect and victim had been living together for three years.

The suspect allegedly left the residence at 5 a.m. to dump the body after a fight with his girlfriend. When he returned home, he overdosed on pills, but his older brother rescued him.

The suspect had previously undergone mental health treatment at a hospital and had a history of obscenity. According to Pol Lt Gen Jirasan, a court has issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of murder and concealing the body.

The victim’s bedroom bathroom contained blood stains. Police had also discovered a blood-stained machete. The search for the victim’s missing hands continued. Rescue workers sent the victim’s body to the Central Institute of Forensic Science of the Justice Ministry for an autopsy.

The woman’s body was discovered wrapped in a bed-sheet and bound with three black belts used by Phranakhon Rajabhat University students, fastened around her knees, waist, and neck. Coat hangers held her legs together from the waist down.

She had slash wounds on her neck and both hands had been severed at the wrist. Her hands were missing.

Thai media initially reported that she was just wearing a skirt, but later revealed that she was naked.

Thongdaeng Bonsungnern, 49, owner of a car garage beneath the freeway, said he witnessed a man on a motorcycle dump something beneath the expressway at 5 a.m. Mr. Thongdaeng had been sleeping in his automobile at the time.

The rider attempted to cover the thing with grass before picking up bags of garbage from nearby and emptying them over the location before riding away.

Around 8 a.m., Mr Thongdaeng’s wife, Amphawan Sudsawang, 46, noticed the debris in the vicinity and went to investigate, discovering what seemed to be a human foot. She instantly contacted the cops.

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Policewoman Sentenced to 125-Years in Jail for Embezzlement

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