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Noodle Vendor Stabbed to Death Over Her Gold Chain



Northern Thailand Noodle Vendor Stabbed to Death Over Gold Chain

Police in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai city are hunting for a man who murdered a 63 year-old noodle vendor in Mae Ai District. The noodle vendor was rushed to Chiang Mai hospital with stab wounds to her back and neck. She was later pronounced dead.

Chiang Mai police report that they responded to a call to a roadside noodle stand were they found the woman unresponsive and lying in a pool of blood. Customers at the noodle stand told police that a young man had stopped by on his Honda Wave motorbike to buy noodles.

When the vendor turned her back to him to make the noodles, he stabbed her in the back and neck, pulling the gold chain around her neck off her and road off. The woman did not survive her injuries and died in hospital shortly after arrival.

Chiang Mai Police say that the noodle shop was right across the road from the village head and there were numerous witnesses to the attack.

Student stabbed in private school

Meanwhile, police in northern Thailand’s Phitsanulok Province report a 15 year-old boy was stabbed by a classmate while at school. The student was rushed to Phitsanulok hospital in critical condition.

The boys mother, Ms Orasa stated her son was studying grade 9 at a famous private school in the province. In the morning she sent him to school as usual then at lunchtime she received a call from his teacher.

The teacher stated her son had been stabbed and was sent to a private hospital. He was in critical condition and was moved to the Phutchinrat Hospital for surgery.

Ms Orasa told Thai media that she hadn’t received a clear explanation from the school on how or why her son was stabbed. The only piece of information she has received is that her son was allegedly bullying another boy.

According to the school the had held anger inside all this time and ended up stabbing her son.

Ms Orasa rejected the schools statement saying she didn’t believe the school as her son is an introvert who likes to spend time alone. If there was tension with a school mate, then there should have been previous incidents. Saying her son Tonnam had never had a fight with other students.

Meanwhile, doctors are keeping a close eye on the young boy after the surgery. The other student’s parents came to apologize to Ms Orasa at the hospital. They stayed with her until the surgery was over and went home at 2 am.

Prachum Santipromwong 48-year-old the uncle of Tonnam stated he is very confused why a school of this level would allow an incident like this to happen and why a student carried a weapon into the school.

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