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27-Year-Old Man Dies in a Hail of Bullets Trying to Flee Gunman

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27-Year-Old Man Dies in a Hail of Bullets Trying to Flee Gunman

On Monday morning, a 27-year-old was killed as he fled a gunman who stopped the vehicle he was travelling in with a 50-year-old female driver in northeastern Thailand.

The dead man was identified as Ampol Bungthong, a native of Phetchabun province, located in the northern part of Thailand.

The police report states he was shot 10 times with bullets from a 9mm pistol, in the head and body. Police also said they found bullet holes in nearby shop walls.

Around 8:20 am, an attack occurred at Saraphi junction in Muang district, Kanchanaburi.

Mr Ampol was the passenger of the pickup being driven by Ms Rojana Cheewee, 50 of Kanchanaburi’s Muang district.

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Eyewitnesses reported that the gunman was tall, had a pale complexion, and was wearing a motorcycle helmet. He parked his motorcycle in front of the woman’s pickup truck at the intersection. He then tried to open the driver’s door while arguing with her.

Mr Ampol opened the front passenger door and fled up the road. The gunman jumped on his motorcycle, travelling against the traffic and chased him down.

Upon catching up with the fleeing man, he fired repeatedly at him with a pistol. Upon impact, the man fell down. He then fled on a motorcycle towards the district centre.

Rojana fainted on the scene, her clothes were stained with blood. She told police that she and the victim were friends and were on their way to Phahon Phonpayuhasena Hospital to get their second Covid-19 vaccination shots.

Furthermore, she said that the victim grew rice in Phetchabun province. The woman had not yet been questioned or the gunman identified.

Police are scanning CCTV footage of traffic camera’s and have asked bystanders who may have captured the shooting on dashcams or their smartphones to contact their local police station.

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