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Interpol Issues “Red Notice” for Canadians Over Gangster’s Murder in Phuket

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Interpol has issued “Red Notice” arrest warrants for two Canadian men suspected in the gangland-style murder of an Indian gangster outside a luxury resort in Phuket Thailand.

Jimi Sandhu was gunned down on Feb 5 after arriving in Thailand on a private jet from Malaysia.

As a result of the murder investigation in Phuket, Thailand, Interpol issued “red notice” arrest warrants for Matthew Leandre Ovide Dupre, 36, and Gene Karl Lahrkamp, 36, in connection with Sandhu’s murder.

A senior commander of the Royal Thai Police’s foreign affairs division, Major General Khemmarin Hassiri, said in a statement: “I think this case is unique”.

There is no hit-and-run involved here; they have planned it, and they would have had support in Canada and Thailand, the senior commander said.

The gunmen even taped a GPS device to the victim’s car ahead of the shooting.

The police are also gathering biological and ballistic evidence, in addition to investigating how the gunmen obtained their weapons.

Interpol working with Thai Police

CCTV footage shows two unidentified men jumping from bushes near the villa and opening fire on Sandhu before fleeing into the night. The two suspects left Thailand on Feb 6, according to Thai Immigration.

Pol Maj Gen Hassiri said the Royal Thai Police were working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Royal Canadian Police informed us that Jimi Sandhu was involved in criminal activity,” Pol Maj Gen Hassiri said, without giving further details.

Sandhu was deported from Canada in 2016 for a series of criminal offences, according to Canadian media.

In 2018, he was detained over a ketamine factory in the southern Indian state of Goa, local media outlets reported.

In criminal cases, Canada and Thailand have agreed to provide mutual assistance, including extradition.

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