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Pakistan Detects 1st Case Of Omicron Sub-Variant



Pakistan Detects 1st Case Of Omicron Sub-Variant

(CTN News) – Pakistan has reported the first case of the Omicron sub-variant BA.2.12.1, driving a wave of coronavirus infections around the globe, health officials said on Monday.

Pakistan has detected the first case of Omicron subvariant BA.2.12.1. “This new subvariant is spreading across the globe,” the National Institute of Health tweeted.

Following the shutdown of the erstwhile National Command and Operation Centre, all pandemic decisions in Pakistan now rest with the National Institute of Health.

COVID-19 vaccination is the best preventive measure (besides wearing a mask in crowded places). In another tweet, the institute advised getting vaccinated and to get booster shots immediately.

Omicron sub-variant Found in 13 Other Countries

In the United States, it was responsible for 29 percent of new infections by the third week of April, officials said. The new variation is a descendant of the earlier super-contagious “stealth Omicron.”

The variant has been found in 13 other countries, but the US has reported the highest levels, with scientists warning that it spreads faster than stealth Omicron.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan have declined sharply in recent years.

Since April 27, Pakistan has reported fewer than 100 cases per day.

There were only 64 cases reported on Monday.

According to official estimates, there are 1,527,954 confirmed cases of the virus, and 30,369 people have succumbed to it.

There have been 246,442,655 doses of vaccines administered in Pakistan so far, with 120 million people fully vaccinated.

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