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Free COVID Test Kits: Tips to Find At-Home COVID Tests

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Free COVID Test Kits: On the new federal government website, Americans can order free Coronavirus tests a day early.

An “Order free at-home tests” button was added to on Tuesday so that users can order four free tests at

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, troubleshooting is permitted during the beta phase of the site.

Despite the fact that Psaki admits there might be bugs, he disclosed that the USPS and the administration’s skilled technical teams are working hard to make this happen.

According to the site, the Postal Service will send only one set of four free at-home Coronavirus tests to valid residential addresses starting in late January, CTN found.

It was announced on the website Tuesday that the site was up and running early so that it could be tested ahead of the official launch tomorrow. We have tests for every residential address in the United States. Please check back tomorrow if you experience any unexpected problems.”

USPS COVID test kits

According to some Twitter accounts, users have noted at least one problem: Orders made by people living in the same apartment building but in different units are rejected as duplicates. American citizens are allowed to order up to four kits per address. Samples are mailed within a week or two following the order.

Twitter users are reporting that putting your apartment number in the street address field works.

The free tests can be ordered without a credit card and there is no cost, unlike the insurance reimbursement program. This is because many will need to submit receipts for free tests.

Last month, the Biden administration purchased approximately 500 million tests in response to a record number of infections.

Online government traffic is driven by the free COVID test website

According to, the early launch of the test ordering website contributed to more than half of all government website visits Tuesday.

According to the analytics website, received nearly 9 million page views over the last seven days as of 3 p.m. on Tuesday, the website showed.

How to find at-home COVID tests

It may seem difficult to find an at-home test right now if you are searching for one.

In the face of ongoing shortages, it is possible to find testing kits in stores and online with the right tools, determination, and sometimes luck.

Those searching for the hard-to-find PS5 and Xbox Series X video game consoles are using the same tactics: Following Twitter accounts that announce when the test is back in stock.

Consumers can also download apps and websites that alert them when new tests are available.

At the end of December, Eli Coustan, a 14-year-old from Evanston, Illinois, started his website after realizing it was difficult to find at-home tests.

Eli Coustan

Eli Coustan

Earlier in the pandemic, I created a site that helped locate vaccines, and I knew I could use similar technology to create something for at-home tests that can be ordered online and delivered,” Eli told USA TODAY, adding he started in February 2021 after observing how difficult it was for his grandparents to get appointments.

Listed below are a few tips on how to find at-home Coronavirus tests and other items that are in shortage.

Alerts for in-stock items

You can find available inventory online when it restocks by receiving alerts or notifications from store apps or third-party sites or applications.

You can sign up for Target’s app to receive in-stock notifications. Apps such as Hot Stock can will you notifications. You can receive notifications for up to ten products for $5.49 if you pay for the app.

Website visitors can sign up to receive text messages, and content updates automatically every five to ten minutes, according to Eli Said.

Coronavirus tests are available at Amazon, CVS, Costco, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and more. You can select the brand of test you want.

Apps and Google Shopping can be used to check in-store inventory

You can check store websites or apps to get a better idea of store inventory before visiting a brick-and-mortar Target, Walmart, or another retailer. Online orders can often change very quickly.

In addition, shoppers can view in-store inventory on Google Shopping from home. Google Shopping will show you the local stores that carry the products you are looking for if you select the “in stock” filter.

Stay up to date with COVID tests by following restock Twitter accounts

In a Vice story Thursday, several PS5 restock accounts are posting alerts about the availability of the Coronavirus test on Twitter.

To stay up to date on the latest test results, follow these Twitter accounts:

How to get free COVID tests at home with insurance

As of Saturday, insurance companies will begin covering over-the-counter tests, which will increase motivation to find tests. After insurance reimbursement, many will be free.

Over-the-counter tests are required to be covered by private health plans at a price of up to $12 per test. The testing kits are available for free from participating pharmacies set up by the insurance plans or consumers can submit receipts for reimbursement from their insurer.



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