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Thailand Issues Avian Influenza “Bird Flu” Alert Nationwide

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The Ministry of Livestock Development in Thailand has ordered all officials to be on alert in order to prevent the spread of avian influenza.

A report from the World Health Organization revealed that five people were infected with H5N1 avian influenza in China, of which two died.

The director-general of the department, Dr Sorawit Thaneeto, says he has ordered local officials to visit poultry farms closely and monitor animal diseases in border areas.

The poultry industry was also instructed to gather samples from poultry in areas at risk of avian influenza, including border areas, places of migrant birds, and areas with a lot of poultry farms since influenza can transmit from animals to humans, Mr Sorawit said.

Furthermore, officials have restricted the movement of both live and dead poultry in the country and have suspended imports from countries affected by the outbreak.

Besides weekly cleaning and disinfecting of their farms, Dr Sorawit advised poultry farmers to restrict visits to their farms and disinfect all vehicles.

There has not been an outbreak of avian influenza in Thailand for the past 12 years.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s poultry exports are expected to increase this year as a result of outbreaks of bird flu in several countries since late last year, according to a report from the Kasikorn Research Centre.

China, Japan, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Egypt, and Nigeria have all been found to be infected with the disease.  A number of countries have banned the import of chicken from certain producing countries, according to the report.

If the disease does not hit Thailand this year, the ban may help Thailand expand exports of chicken and poultry products.  According to the report, confidence in Thai chicken will rise further when South Korea lifts its ban on chicken imports in mid-2015.


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