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Army Rangers Shoot and Kill 2 Drug Runners in Chiang Rai



Army Rangers Shoot and Kill 2 Drug Runners in Chiang Rai

On Thursday, two armed drug smugglers were killed in a clash with an army ranger patrol along the Thai-Myanmar border in Chiang Rai.

At 7.15 p.m., the army’s Pha Muang Force reported seeing five to seven armed men with backpacks walking through a forest near Ban Huai Kra in Mae Fa Luang district.

The army officers ordered the men to stop for a search, but they refused and began shooting, prompting the soldiers to fire back. The gunfight that ensued lasted about five minutes before the gang fled.

There were no injuries among the soldiers. Officers took a defensive position in the area because it was getting dark after sunset.

Officers inspected the scene on Friday and discovered the bodies of two of the smugglers who had been fatally shot. Near the bodies, soldiers discovered two AK-47 assault rifles and two batches of 4,000 speed pills.

They assumed the pair had been the first line of defence for the drug caravan. According to a source, teams have been deployed to find the remaining gang members.

army rangers

army rangers

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