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The Real Impact of Customer Engagement: Comments, Reviews, Testimonials



The Real Impact of Customer Engagement: Comments, Reviews, Testimonials

The Real Impact of Customer Engagement –  Customers are the main reason businesses are built and they are also the cause of its growth and success. Hence, it is only imperative to value their engagement and include among key metrics to measuring business success.

With social media and the internet, consumers have become more vocal than ever. They have multiple platforms to express their comments and opinions.

These platforms are also what they used to reach out and get involved with their favorite brands. In turn, social media and the world wide web has become a vital marketing tool for almost all business.

The ability and need to reach customers online has further emphasized the need for customer engagement and how it can drive growth.

Customers do more than buy your products and services; they share your content, recommend your and products to their friends, and are the first to go to bat for you online.

Their support means more than just the dollars they spend. They can take your business to different levels, if you pay close attention.

Here are some of the real impact of customer engagement on an organization.

It Tends To Boost Revenue

It should come as no surprise that customers who feel like they’re getting real value from a brand will continue to purchase from them.

Studies suggest engaged customers buy 90 percent more frequently and spend 60 percent more per transaction.

Even major renowned brands have proven that customer engagement, more than any other strategy, is an effective tool to boost profit.

In 2021, Nike was able to increase its profit by 16 percent through customer engagement.

They did this by establishing a direct connection with their customers, particularly via digital platforms. The brand did not just made ads and offered discounts; they provided customers with a seamless experience across different marketplaces.

They also gave access to useful tools like a fitness app endorsed by prominent and relevant people who are relatable to their target audience.

This makes people feel seen, which leads them to engage to brands and trust the brand with their hard-earned money as well.

Engaged customers can turn into loyal customers and even avid ambassadors of your brand. If they trust you, they will purchase your product and recommend you to other people.

This is a good domino effect that can ultimately boost your income and provide you with a sustained growth over time.

Develops a Sense of Loyalty

Not only do engaged customers spend more on your products and services, but they also spend less on your competitors.

If you are able to engage your customers, you get ahead of your competition.

A study suggest that engaged customers are twice more likely to purchase from a brand they already know and prefer even when there are more convenient offers from competitors.

Having presence and being visible and available to customers helps them remember your brand and can encourage them to engage.

It is important that even after they made their purchase from you, you still reach out to them and provide them with useful content that will encourage them to interact with you and promote your brand over others.

You can pick up the best tips on building solid digital marketing campaigns through one of the leading platforms on the market through, Ahrefs Tool Guide: Keyword and Site Explorer for E-commerce to see how you can effectively identify the right keywords and even monitor keywords used by competitors online.

This way, you can always stay ahead of competitors and be the first one your customers see on their search engine results, which leads to engagement and loyalty to a brand.

Ensures Customer Advocacy for the Company

A truly successful business creates customer experiences around their products and services that are so tailored, meaningful, and memorable that their customers begin promoting on behalf of the brand.

It is human nature to be territorial; they claim something as their own and fight for it no matter what.

This is the same instinct that consumer use when it comes to brands that provided them with remarkable service or experience.

Your brand becomes something of value to them. It becomes something they want to share and something they want to be proud of.

A Nielsen survey revealed that 92 percent of consumers say they trust earned media, like as recommendations from friends and family over other forms of advertising.

And when you have your customers advocating for you, you are actually creating an engaged community.

They accumulate a collective power to promote your brand further than any ad will do. Thus, it is important that your customers are keep engaged and are given something that’s worth promoting and advocating for.

Customer and Company Collaboration

Engaged customers are not just there to be counted as numbers. They are often those whom you can reach out to and can provide you with the feedback you need in order to improve.

You offer products primarily for customers’ to use, appreciate and value.

Hence, it must be a part of your process to gather feedback, view their comments and read reviews to improve your service or product based on what your they want and need.

With engaged customers you get collaborators, providing you the real input you need.

Your customers can guide you to developing better products and services that addresses their specific problems — no need for any more guesswork.

Allow your customers to decide and take part on developing their journey and the product or service they purchase from you.

This way, you can further improve their engagement and can have a precise direction on how to develop your product.

Fostering Long-Term Customer Relationships

In reality, attracting and converting customers is already an expensive endeavor.

Therefore, it recommended for business to focus their investment on customers who are lucrative for the company in the long run. This is where engagement comes in.

In today’s fast and highly competitive business industry, it is important to not just attract and convert customers but keep them coming back.

Engaging them fosters trust and loyalty, which leads to retention and longer customer lifetime value.

Involve customers and provide them something of value. This comes as both things with a true value like monetary discounts, as well as a positive experience and customer journey can make them be more hooked to your brand.

This way, you can foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and trust with all your customers.

Customer Engagement Is a Driving Force

Beyond the best SEO strategy or marketing tools, your customers are the number one driving force that can propel your business further — not just to lead search engine results but even the whole industry you are in.

The success and longevity of your business relatively lies on customer engagement.

The more your customers trust you, the more they will promote your brand to others and be loyal to you. Don’t take this for granted.

Listen to your customers, reward their loyalty and make sure you provide them an unforgettable experience everytime that will keep them engage to your brand for a long time.

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