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English Courses Abroad | 7 Unmissable Options!



English Courses Abroad | 7 Unmissable Options!

If you want to learn English, you have many options at your disposal. You can take an online course, listen to music in English, watch movies and Netflix series…

However, your best option to learn to speak this language like a native is to take English courses abroad. It is the method of linguistic immersion par excellence.

For this reason, we have prepared, for you, a selection with 7 English courses abroad that you cannot miss. They are study programs in well-known Anglo-Saxon destinations.

There, the quality of education is unmatched, so you will have excellent training. Therefore, take a look and find the ideal option.

There are many reasons to study English abroad. However, one of the main ones is being able to visit impressive Anglo-Saxon destinations.

If you embark on the adventure of doing English courses abroad, you will be able to live in very attractive destinations where the quality of life and education are unmatched.

We want to persuade you to learn English abroad. For this reason, we have prepared a selection with 7 courses that you definitely cannot miss.

They are an excellent investment for your future, since learning this language will help you get incredible academic and job opportunities.

1. English courses in Australia

Australia is a benchmark when it comes to English courses abroad. Its academies, in addition to being certified by the government, are very famous around the world.

They also have native teachers specialized in language teaching. In conclusion, you are guaranteed a quality education.

If you need other reasons to study English in Australia, just look at the natural, architectural and cultural attractions.

Simply put, Australia is an amazing country. With CatEight Course Application, you can easily find English courses provded by languages schools in Australia and submit your course application to it.

With them you can take intensive courses and general courses in prestigious academies endorsed by the government.

If you already have a good command of the language, you can take a course that will help you prepare to certify your level of English. You can do all this, of course, with the help of certified teachers.

2. English courses in Canada

Another excellent destination to take English courses abroad is Canada. In its multicultural and cosmopolitan cities, there are first-rate academies to study English and study French.

In addition, its native teachers, with excellent training, will help you speak very fluently.

During your trip, in addition to learning English, you will enjoy attractions recognized throughout the world. This should be another of the reasons that encourage you to study English in Canada.

You can take intensive and general English courses abroad and in the best schools in Canada. Also, they have, for you, preparation programs for official exams. If you take them, you will get the highest score on the TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge exams.

3. English courses in the United States

The United States is not only a very multicultural country, but also a great destination for English courses abroad.

In their cities, you will find some of the best academies on the continent. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to train with excellent teachers while practicing with native speakers day and night.

Various study programs available. Of course, this will depend on the school you choose. For example, you can take intensive courses and general courses lasting from 2 to 24 weeks.

If not, you can take a preparation course to enter an American university.

4. English courses in England

Studying in the cradle of the English language is an experience that you cannot miss. England is a country full of history and culture.

Its cities, for example, are a mix between tradition and the avant-garde of the 21st century. In addition, its educational system is excellent and, for this reason, its English courses abroad are highly recognized.

Also, its schools have a wide variety of study programs. During your trip, you can take intensive courses and general courses that can last from 2 to 52 weeks.

However, they also offer English courses oriented to the business world, the world of tourism, the legal world, among others.

5. English courses in Ireland

As well as being a country steeped in history and culture, Ireland has some of the best English courses abroad.

The Irish education system is one of the oldest and most robust in Europe. For this reason, the education is first class. In addition, you will feel so comfortable that you will never want your English course to end.

If studying English is not enough, during your trip, you will enjoy all the natural and architectural attractions of Ireland.

With this startup, you can take intensive courses and general English courses. As in other of its destinations, you can do it in academies certified and equipped for foreign students.

6. English courses in Malta

If you are a lover of water sports, Malta is an excellent country to do English courses abroad.

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this country is a very popular destination among foreign students due to its attractions. In addition, Malta has some of the best English schools in the world.

In these academies, you can take intensive courses and general courses.

Also, in some English schools, you can take courses oriented to the world of business or other professional areas.

Depending on the academy you want to study at, your course can last anywhere from 1 to 52 weeks and cost from €640 to €820 per month.

7. English courses in New Zealand

New Zealand is a great country if you have an adventurous spirit who wants to study English courses abroad. The New Zealand education system is considered one of the best in the world.

For that reason, the language schools are top-notch. Also, New Zealand is the country of adventure sports.

Therefore, during your trip, you can study English, enjoy all the attractions of the country of kiwis and raise your adrenaline levels to the maximum.

In Auckland, Queenstown and Tauranga, you can take intensive courses and general English courses. All this, of course, with native teachers in academies designed for international students like you.

If not, encourage yourself to take a course that prepares you to obtain your English certificate the first time with the highest grade.

Now that you know the best English courses abroad, will you dare to pack your suitcase? Without a doubt, learning English will bring you many personal, academic and work benefits.

Therefore, embarking on this adventure is what you need to reinvent yourself. Go ahead and live hundreds of adventures in the best countries in the world.

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