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Spirit Airline Fired The Agent Who Misplaced a Minor On The Wrong Flight.



Spirit Airline Fired The Agent Who Misplaced a Minor On The Wrong Flight.

(CTN News) – The incident involving Spirit Airlines and the mistaken placement of a 6-year-old on the wrong flight has resulted in the termination of the responsible gate agent.

After conducting an internal investigation, it was determined that the agent at Philadelphia International Airport had given incorrect instructions to the child, leading him to board a plane headed for Orlando instead of Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers on December 21st.

In response to this unfortunate incident, Spirit Airlines released a statement on Friday, emphasizing that they have established procedures in place to prevent such occurrences.

They further stated that anyone found to have disregarded these protocols would face consequences for their actions. The Spirit Airline expressed sincere apologies for the error and took immediate action to rectify the situation by reaching out to the family and ensuring their reunion.

The young passenger, who was embarking on his first solo journey, was en route to visit his grandmother in Fort Myers. Spirit Airlines acknowledged the gravity of the situation and the potential distress caused to both the child and his family.

They assured the public that they are committed to providing a safe and reliable travel experience and that incidents like this are taken seriously.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to established procedures and protocols within the airline industry. Spirit Airlines’ swift response and termination of the responsible agent demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of customer service and safety.

They have taken steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, ensuring that passengers can have confidence in their travel arrangements with the airline.


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