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Paramount To Be Taken Over By Red Bird Group And Skydance

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(CTN News) – The acquisition arrangement between Skydance and RedBird Capital and Paramount Global is currently being modified to improve its efficiency.

A source has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the investment group, which also includes KKR, has offered a new bid to the independent board committee of Paramount, which is responsible for evaluating several offers.

The Hollywood Reporter has received confirmation of this information. It has been confirmed by this source that The Hollywood Reporter has obtained confirmation.

Although the particulars of the new offer were not immediately available, it is anticipated that the new offer will make the transaction more appealing to Paramount’s Class B stockholders. This is despite the fact that the new offer was not immediately accessible.

The initial offer has been received with criticism by a large part of these shareholders, who have voiced their concerns about the situation. As a result of the influence exerted by Shari Redstone’s National Amusements, which possesses more than 70 percent of the Class A voting shares,

Paramount is almost entirely under her control.

The reason for this is that National Amusements is in charge of Paramount, which is the reason why this is the case. Class B shareholders have expressed their discontent with the fact that they are not gaining the same value from the sale as Redstone owners are, and a number of them have threatened to file lawsuits in the event that the business goes ahead with the transaction.

As part of the initial proposal, the Skydance-RedBird group would pay a premium to purchase the interest in Paramount that National Amusements already possesses.

This is because National Amusements has voting rights. After that, Paramount would acquire Skydance, which would then establish its own leadership team (headed by Jeff Shell, who had previously served as the CEO of NBCUniversal) and carry out its own strategy.

Skydance would then be brought under the umbrella of Paramount.

At the moment, this would be the primary offer that was being considered for consideration. According to a trustworthy source, the consortium is completely ready to present its offer to Class B shareholders in the event that the board of directors of Paramount decides to make an attempt to acquire the firm. This information was revealed by the consortium.

At the same time as the enhanced plan is being offered to the firm’s representatives, another bidder, which is a joint pitch from Apollo and Sony, is continuing to engage with the representatives of the company.

An initial offer of twenty-six billion dollars in cash was made by those companies; however, there have been indications that they have since decreased their offer to a sum that is more equitable. These corporations were the ones who had made the proposition.

Furthermore, Warner Bros. Discovery is guaranteed to launch an inquiry into Paramount in the event that the firm decides not to collaborate with either Skydance or Sony.

This is because Warner Bros. Discovery is certain to do an investigation at any time. During the course of the day on Thursday, statements were made by David Zaslav, the Chief Executive Officer of WBD, who indicated that the company will be “opportunistic” when it comes to the process of dealmaking.

According to reports, Bob Bakish, who was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Paramount, tendered his resignation on April 29 in order to get ready for the subsequent sale of the company.

Since the company’s reorganization in December 2019, when it merged Viacom and CBS, Bakish had been in charge of controlling the business. The business of Paramount and its brands, which include Paramount Pictures, Paramount+, Showtime, CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and BET, is being handled by a group of three seasoned executives who are functioning under the designation “Office of the CEO.”

These executives are making decisions regarding the company’s business operations. Until a new long-term plan is unveiled, this management will continue in its current form. Additionally, Chris McCarthy, George Cheeks, and Brian Robbins are the executives that are being sought for in this regard.


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