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Indonesian Groom Shocked to Discover Bride is a Man After 12 Days After The Wedding




(CTN News) – An Indonesian groom, identified only as AK, has made a startling discovery about his bride just twelve days after their wedding — she is actually a man.

The 26-year-old man met Adinda Kanza, also 26, on Instagram in 2023, and after hitting it off online, they dated in person for a year.

During their face-to-face meetings, Adinda always wore a traditional Muslim niqab, covering her entire face, which AK interpreted as a sign of her devotion to Islam.

The couple decided to tie the knot and had a small ceremony at AK’s home after Adinda told him that she no longer had any family. However, soon after their wedding on April 12, AK began to grow suspicious of his new spouse.

Adinda consistently avoided intimacy by claiming she was on her period or feeling unwell, according to the South China Morning Post.

Shocking Discovery After Wedding

AK revealed that after their wedding, Adinda refused to communicate with his family and continued wearing her niqab at home. Growing suspicious, AK decided to investigate and tracked down Adinda’s former address 12 days after the wedding. To his surprise, he found Adinda’s parents alive and well there.

Adinda’s parents then disclosed to AK that the person he had married was actually a man named ESH, who had started crossdressing in 2020. They expressed shock upon learning about their son’s relationship and marriage, stating they had no idea.

The police commented on the situation, noting that Adinda behaved like a woman and had a female-sounding voice. They observed that in wedding photos, Adinda appeared convincingly female, and ESH had a gentle voice and demeanor, which did not raise any suspicion about his gender.

ESH was subsequently arrested by the police, who reported that he had admitted to planning to marry AK in order to fraudulently obtain his family’s assets, as per local media reports. He now faces fraud charges that carry a potential prison sentence of up to four years.

Authorities also revealed that ESH had a history of pretending to be a woman while dating men and had previously been in relationships with women. The investigation into the case remains ongoing.

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