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SEO and Web Design: A Synergic Approach for Businesses in Sydney



SEO and Web Design: A Synergic Approach for Businesses in Sydney

SEO and Web Design: As an audience, we are often astounded by how creative businesses can be with their web design. At the same time, some website designs make us want to move out of the website as soon as possible.

But have you ever wondered why it is so?

This is mostly because no matter how informative the content on that page is, the design doesn’t appeal to us. Businesses in Sydney must understand that SEO and Web design are two phases of the same coin.

To ensure both aspects are functioning well, they need a creative and highly experienced team. If you are looking for such a team, you can hire Creato. It is a website design agency in Sydney. They can deliver you both website design as well as SEO services.

But before that, let’s go through the details of why SEO and web design are important for the businesses!

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SEO and Web Design Go Hand in Hand

You are building your website for the user, not anyone else. So, it is important that you just can’t “SEO the website” and be done with it. SEO and website design go hand-in-hand, which needs to be strategically planned.

If your website design improves, your SEO efforts will see a positive bloom and vice versa. You must design the website and implement SEO to partner with Google. Rather than trying to trick with black hat SEO, performing legitimate processes defines success.

How To Do SEO For Better Web Design?

Your SEO performance determines how well your website design is. Sometimes, even after putting in all the effort, the SEO may not yield fruitful results. This can be an indication that the website isn’t designed well.

SEO has many benefits. No business should avoid SEO in their marketing strategy. There are some ways through which you can boost the SEO efforts to enhance your website design. Some of these include the following:

  • You must maintain a clear URL structure.
  • Your website must have a SSL certificate.
  • It is important to provide a proper sitemap so your users can easily navigate the website.
  • One of the best ways to improve website design through SEO is to connect all the pages with relevant interlinking.
  • The website designers must constantly perform A/B testing on the website. This will help them understand how their website performs and what changes they can bring.

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Impact Of Web Design On SEO

As much of an impact SEO has on web design, the latter also affects the former. Businesses cannot ignore one aspect while focusing on the other. As a business owner, you must pay special and equal attention to website design and SEO.

Some of the significant impact of web design on SEO is as follows:

Quality Images Boost The Speed Of The Website

The images on a website help to improve the aesthetic appearance. Having poor-quality images can make your audience want to exit the website soon. Why? If it is not eye-pleasing, no user will stay for a long time.

While it is essential to provide quality images, you must compress them so that the load speed isn’t affected. Providing compatible, high-quality images will enhance the speed of the website.

Low Bounce Rate

Many websites need to be able to rank on the website because they have a high bounce rate. When you have an aesthetically pleasing website, the visitors stay for a long time. Therefore, the bounce rate reduces.

When the bounce rate of your website is low, it comes off as a credible resource. Therefore, Google is likely to trust you more than your competitors. This will lead to higher search engine result ranking.

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Crawlers Can Easily Find You

The crawlers are all over the internet to find a credible source of information. Well, how your website appears also has an important role in being easily crawled. Google crawlers visit websites that are clean and crisply provide information.

If the content of your website is hard to read for Google crawler, will your customers find it easy? Content flagged as hard to read often leads to poor SEO ranking. Therefore, you must not create a cramped website.

Header Hierarchy

Header hierarchy refers to dividing the content of a page equally among different headings. The first heading should always be the “H1”. H2, H3, H4 can follow the H1.

The heading hierarchy division helps to make your website visually pleasing. Moreover, with proper heading division, you will also provide well-organized content.

As a result, your target audience will easily be able to understand the content. This is one key aspect of website design that can boost SEO.


If your website is easy to navigate, the target users will stay on the page for long. This is mostly because they will be redirected from one page to another in a very structured manner.

When your website is easy to navigate, it provides a better user experience. Well, a good user interface and user experience are key to determining the best results through SEO.

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Web design and SEO – the foundation of a strong online presence complement each other well. If the web design is good, the SEO of a website will eventually improve. However, hiring professionals for the two separately can create confusion.

Moreover, it is pretty costly too. In such a scenario, you need professionals to offer you the two-in-one package. Look no further because the best professionals in Sydney are always one click away.

You can reach out to experts like Creato, who have distinguished themselves from their competitors with dedicated efforts and exceptional results for previous clients.

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