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Qualcomm Sued By Chipmaker Arm

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Qualcomm Sued By Chipmaker Arm

(CTN News) – According to court documents, Arm, a British chipmaker owned by SoftBank, sued Qualcomm on Wednesday for breach of contract and trademark infringement.

A few months ago, was rumored to be interested in buying a stake in Arm, whose previous deal with Nvidia was scrapped due to regulatory pressure.

  • Given the hard feelings sure to be sparked by the lawsuit, I can’t see that sort of deal happening now.
  • The company has not yet responded to a request for comment from Axios.

The complaint centers around Nuvia, a semiconductor startup founded by ex-Apple and Google engineers, which Qualcomm acquired last year for $1.26 billion.

  • To develop its processor cores, Nuvia licensed Arm tech. In the wake of Qualcomm’s acquisition, Arm says it terminated those licenses – and destroyed any Arm-based technology developed under them – but Nuvia and Qualcomm kept using Arm tech.
  • According to the filing, conduct indicates that it has already and intends to use Arm’s trademarks to advertise and sell its unlicensed products in the United States.
  • There are unspecified damages sought by Arm as well as the enforcement of the termination of the license agreement.

It’s important to remember that Arm doesn’t produce its own chips, instead designing chip cores that manufacturers can license to make their own chips.

In addition to Qualcomm, Nuvia has also licensed its technology to other companies. In spite of this, the degree of customization that can be done depends on the type of license that the company holds with Arm.

It is also argued by Arm that could not transfer.

Who is Qualcomm biggest competitor?

Who Is Qualcomm’s Biggest Competitor? Broadcom is probably the biggest direct competitor of  Others include AMD, Nvidia, and Intel.

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