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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Play Pays Off For Medical Tech Stock Semler Scientific

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Dado Ruvic | Reuters

(CTN News) – The share price of Bitcoin Semler Scientific increased significantly on Tuesday following the company’s decision to designate bitcoin as its primary Treasury reserve asset.

This is despite the fact that Semler Scientific is a medical technology company that is relatively obscure. This action was a direct consequence of the corporation’s decision to make bitcoin its primary reserve asset, which in turn lead to the decision.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin organization.

Which is engaged in the development of technologies that are employed in the diagnosis of peripheral artery disease, disclosed that it had acquired 581 bitcoins during the previous week. The transaction’s total cost, which encompasses all fees and expenses, was approximately forty million dollars.

The stock experienced a 37% increase during the trading session on Tuesday, while bitcoin experienced a decline of approximately 2% during the same time period.

Coin Metrics was the source of the information in issue. Semler’s market value has declined by over thirty percent since the commencement of 2018, despite the fact that the company’s market value exceeds one hundred eleven million dollars.

He issued a statement in which he asserted, “Our conviction that bitcoin is a dependable store of value and an attractive investment is exemplified by our bitcoin Treasury strategy and bitcoin acquisition.” This statement was made by Eric Semler, the chairman of Semler. Semler issued a statement.

Additionally, as he pointed out, “We believe that it possesses distinctive qualities as a scarce and limited asset that has the potential to act as a reasonable inflation hedge and safe haven in the midst of global instability.”

We are of the opinion that bitcoin has the potential to generate substantial returns, and this conviction is founded on the fact that it is gaining traction as a form of digital bullion. This phenomenon is occurring due to the fact that the value of bitcoin is significantly lower than that of gold.

Semler is currently in the same position as MicroStrategy, which initiated an aggressive strategy to acquire bitcoin in 2020 and has predominantly traded as a proxy for the cryptocurrency’s price since then. MicroStrategy is currently in the same position as Semler.

This transition has resulted in both MicroStrategy and Semler being in the same position. Since its introduction at the beginning of the year, this stock has experienced a nearly 163 percent increase. MicroStrategy was initially a vendor of enterprise software during the early phases of its business operations.

In February, the corporation announced it would focus on bitcoin development.

Semler stated in a public statement on Tuesday that the organization will persist in its focus on its primary medical enterprises and services.

He also stated that the company will proactively assess its use of excess capital after it has had the opportunity to do so, as it continues to generate income and free cash flow from the sales of its blood flow tests. This will occur subsequent to the company’s presentation of the opportunities.

Tesla and Block are among the organizations that maintain a specific quantity of bitcoin on their balance sheets in conjunction with their financial statements. The following businesses are included in the list.

The price of bitcoin has increased by over sixty percent since the beginning of 2018, and it is presently trading at a level that is exceedingly close to its all-time high.

Numerous individuals are of the opinion that the acceptance of cryptocurrency by corporate treasuries is a more reliable indicator of intuitive adoption than the adoption of cryptocurrencies by large funds that may or may not engage in trading.

This is due to the fact that corporate treasuries are more inclined to acquire and maintain cryptocurrency. This particular perspective is held by a substantial number of individuals. The absence of a particularly significant manifestation of the tendency is attributable to a variety of factors, such as regulatory ambiguity and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.


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