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Credit Suisse Makes History At The Asian Investment Conference

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Credit Suisse
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(CTN News) – Credit Suisse’s participation in the Asian Investment Conference, which was held in Hong Kong, was among the most important events that the company has ever been a part of. Credit Suisse’s presence at this conference was a fortunate opportunity for the company.

This is the very first time that UBS has succeeded in taking the lead at this event. The acquisition of a company that was previously considered to be one of the company’s competitors was the cause of this achievement that the company achieved.

The reason for this is that the corporation had previously been engaged in competition with its competitors, which is the basis for this matter.

Credit Suisse’s 27th Asia-Pacific Investment Conference (AIC).

Which will take place in Asia, it is anticipated that more than two thousand institutional investors from all over the world will be present. Persons with high net worth and persons with ultra-net worth will be included in this group of investors.

In addition, senior executives and business owners from about three hundred of the most dynamic companies in the Asia-Pacific area will be present at the event. Both of these folks are going to be present at the event.

Well-known individuals such as John Kerry, who has previously served as Secretary of State for the United States of America, and Srettha Thavisin, the Prime Minister of Thailand, are among the speakers who are expected to be present at the event, which is expected to have a total of three thousand attendees.

According to reports from the South China Morning Post, the event is expected to have a total of three thousand attendees.

The conference that will take place at the Credit Suisse Four Seasons Hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday will feature a total of one hundred speakers and fifty panel discussions that will cover a wide range of important investment subjects. The conference will take place on both days.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the days that will be dedicated to the conference. Reforms, economic growth, political issues, and inflation are some of the concerns that are now being targeted for resolution. It has been decided that the conference will take place over the course of two days designated for business. In addition, throughout the course of the event, a wide range of subtopics, such as generative artificial intelligence, succession, and the future of cities, will be considered and discussed.

The act of adhering to habits that are considered to be ordinary

With the acquisition of Credit Suisse, UBS will continue the heritage of its former arch-rival, which dates back 27 years, of hosting the most famous investing conference. This legacy will be carried on since UBS acquired Credit Suisse. UBS will continue to serve as the conference’s host in accordance with this tradition.

UBS has acquired Credit Suisse.

It is therefore expected that this custom will continue to be followed. Over one thousand six hundred investors and over two hundred business leaders attended Credit Suisse’s 26th and final Annual Investor Conference (AIC), which took place one year prior to the current event. The prior year was the one in which the conference was held.

Additionally, the Asia-Pacific Investment Conference (AIC) has garnered a reputation for providing an exceptional platform for business owners to network with one another for the purpose of expanding their professional networks. This is in addition to the fact that it provides investors in the region with cutting-edge insights on what lies ahead for them in the future.

This is the situation, according to Edmund Koh, who is now working as the President of Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse UBS. In particular, this is the case. Through the utilization of the AIC platform, UBS will be able to conceive of a new future for this cutting-edge platform, which will facilitate the company’s ability to provide superior service to its clientele.


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