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McDonald’s Halloween Boo Buckets: What You Need to Know

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McDonald's Halloween Boo Buckets: What You Need to Know

(CTN News) – Today is the first day of McDonald’s “Boo Bucket” Halloween Pails, and both McDonald’s and its employees are bracing for adults clamoring for spooky plastic containers.

McGoblin, McBoo, and McPunk’n are all back to serve you fries and hold your (very tiny) Halloween candy haul.

What McDonald’s is doing about Halloween pails

The company says it’s ready for any Halloween-related chaos, despite this warning.

McDonald’s tells The Takeout via email, “We’re expecting Halloween Pails to be a big hit with our fans, and we’ve prepared accordingly.”

Apparently, each location will get only one of the three pail designs a week. McDonald’s confirmed this to The Takeout, and I saw one Boo Bucket design at my (more on that later).

So customers won’t have to order a zillion Happy Meals to get the full assortment of Halloween pails from one location. Hopefully, this is a welcome change for employees.

In an email, McDonald’s said it always keeps restaurant crews in mind when launching upcoming promotions. During the promotion period, we provide franchisees with the training and resources they need to manage higher traffic in restaurants.

We appreciate everything our restaurant crew members do year-round, not just during these seasonal moments.”

McDonald’s Halloween Boo Buckets: what you need to know

Let’s start with the lid. Where is it? It looks like McDonald’s Halloween pails have a lid in the press photos. Below:

I guess I should have looked closer at that marketing image. A two-dimensional silhouette of a lid is clipped onto the handle instead of a lid with a handle attached.

It’s a lot more confusing than if there wasn’t a lid.

It’s spooky as it should be, with the tiniest serving of fries and a basic, no-frills burger, despite its lack of lid.

Instead of the plastic lid/hat I expected, the lid is a thin, round piece of cardboard with stickers and an activity on the back. Since these Happy Meals are for kids, the activity makes sense.

In terms of size, it’s much smaller than your average jack-o’-lantern bucket, but it’s still really cute. For years to come, McBoo will be part of my Halloween decor. Just as long as it smells like french fries.


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