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How to Attract Traffic to Your Property



How to Attract Traffic to Your Property

More and more people who are selling their homes act as their own real estate agent. Realtors themselves are in constant competition to drive traffic to whatever property they list on MLS.

You don’t necessarily need to be a professional realtor to successfully get a buyer’s attention.

With a few tips from the experts, you can write a professional listing description and stage your property to attract traffic yourself. Continue reading to find out how.

MLS Listing – Headlines and Photographs

The main tool we suggest that you utilize to sell your property is the MLS listing.

Most people scrolling through the MLS are looking at photographs, but an attention-grabbing headline is just as important; you want to ensure you are grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

Your headline should use language that matches the home to its specific area and highlights the best features.

For example, you should use “Newly Renovated Victorian with Sunset View” instead of “Victorian House With View.”

Another suggestion for creating a successful headline is to look at the headlines of other local listings not only for inspiration, but to ensure yours is different enough that it stands out.

You don’t want to falsely oversell your listing, but you also want to set your property apart from the rest.

You have a limited amount of time to get a prospective buyer’s attention, and a well-written headline will help attract traffic to your property.

Along with headlines, photographs included on the MLS are also extremely crucial.

While it’s not necessary to hire a professional, you don’t want the photos to appear as an afterthought.

Be sure you feature the best parts of the house and use a high-quality camera. You may think your iPhone takes museum-grade pictures, but it simply doesn’t.

The first steps to driving traffic to your property start with listing on the MLS.

You want snappy, informative headlines and memorable pictures included in your MLS listing.

Create Videos

Real estate listings can often go viral. Of course, pictures can never be replaced in the real estate world, but video walk-throughs and 360-degree virtual views have become all the new rage.

In fact, by adding a video to your listing, you can increase inquiries about properties by 403%.

It can sometimes be impossible for potential buyers to attend an open house or even visit the property they like before they purchase it.

If someone is seriously interested in the property but can’t see it in person, a video is likely the only way they would consider a deal.

There is something immediate and memorable about a video versus just a photograph.

You can get more of a sense of the space and property from the visual, as well as a feel of the flow throughout.

Audibly emphasizing the focal points and features of the home in the video are also great tools for increasing interest.

Additionally, videos are great for sharing on social media to gain views and increase interest in your property.

Videos are also a fantastic way to inform people of an open house while showcasing contact information so that you can easily be reached.

Be Available

Most potential home buyers prefer to search and narrow down a few of their choices before making serious inquiries about a property.

They may not even solicit the help of a real estate agent during the beginning phases.

However, if you are selling your home as a private party or realtor, make sure you are available when the customer is ready to engage with you.

There is nothing more frustrating than being bombarded by calls the moment you express a slight interest in a property that you may not even want—it’s a lot of pressure.

But it’s equally as frustrating to reach out to a realtor or property lister and not receive a response.

Be sure your contact information on all websites and listings is consistent and accurate.

While no one expects you to answer every call that comes to your phone, be sure to regularly check your missed calls and voicemail.

You also want to check your email! If a prospective buyer has to reach out more than two or three times, chances are, they are going to move onto another property simply because they fear challenges with a future sale.

Don’t drive away clients that you have finally attracted to your properties by being inaccessible.

Be available and responsive for serious inquiries. You may also want to provide a textable number for potential clients so that it’s easier to stay in touch without always having to call or email.


To attract traffic to your property, you will have to list on MLS.

To entice buyers to have more interest in your property, you will need to utilize attention-grabbing headlines, modern pictures and video, and be an approachable, accessible professional at all times; that will separate your listings from the competition.

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