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France’s Typical Wealth Revealed: Where Do You Fall?

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France's Typical Wealth Revealed: Where Do You Fall?

(CTN News) – According to some estimates, France is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with a higher median wealth per individual than, for instance, Germany or the United States

According to updated statistics, the median wealth of people in France is €177,200, while one in ten owns more than €716,000, and one in 100 owns more than €2.24million.

Median‘ means that half of the population holds less, while the other half holds more. As of 2021, the calculation and figures are provided by the national statistics institute Insee.

As reported by Credit Suisse in 2021, France has higher median wealth than, for example, Germany and the United States.

€177,200 includes property, but does not include loans or mortgages that have not been repaid.

Are the top 1% of earners?

  • In other words, if your property is valued at €177,200 or more, even if you don’t have any savings, you are still considered among the 50% richest in France.

  • Having assets of at least €716,300 is required to qualify as one of the 10% richest households.

  • If you wish to be a member of the 1%, you must possess at least €2,24 million. France has 282,000 such households.

62% of households own property as their primary asset. At the top of the scale, the percentage of wealth made up of property is smaller (just 36% of the wealthiest households).

In these households, wealth from their profession becomes more significant, rising from 11% for most households to 34% for the richest 1%.

Most households have a lot of wealth

  • 62% of the property

  • 11% are professionals

  • 21% financial

  • 6% Other

Household wealth in the top 1%

  • 36% of the property

  • 34% are professionals

  • 27% financial

  • The rest: 3%

Changes in age

Additionally, the figures indicate that wealth changes over time.

The gross wealth of people under 30 is 1.5 times greater than their net wealth (€71,200 compared to €43,200). The main reason for this is that they still owe money to repay.

In their 50s and 60s, gross wealth peaks at €400,000, while net wealth peaks at €361,400. In their 70s, this drops to €343,800.

What does ‘rich’ mean? 

As of September 2022, a person is considered ‘rich’ in France when they earn at least €3,673 net per month. This is €5,500 for a childless couple and €7,700 for a family of two.

It’s just 7% of the population, or 4.5 million.

Invest in financial assets

Individual amounts for the 21% of wealth held in financial assets range by net worth, ranging from maybe just cash in a current account for the 10% at the lower end with less than €400 on average, to holding lots of shares and stocks for the 10% with €150,000 in financial assets.


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