California Bet Big On Electric Cars. Should You?
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California Bet Big On Electric Cars. Should You?



California Bet Big On Electric Cars. Should You?

(CTN News) _ California will ban sales of gas-powered cars. California’s Advanced Clean Cars II regulation, approved Aug. 25, requires zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

Some states are now adopting the California rule, though it is far from a national reform. Will you need an electric vehicle? Not true. Pressure is mounting on automakers.

What is the California rule?

Starting in 2026, 35% of new cars must be battery-electric, hydrogen fuel-cell electric, or plug-in hybrids. Over 16% of new California cars sold are zero-emission or hybrid.

With that kind of lead in the state, automakers could meet the first benchmark, says Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds. Improved infrastructure is also crucial to California’s success.

Automakers should increase production, invest in charging infrastructure, and offer financial incentives to achieve this milestone.

By 2030, electric or hybrid vehicles will account for more than two-thirds of all car sales.

Don’t live in California? This could still be your future

Environmental protection is a California specialty. Despite being an outlier at the moment, these regulations could be adopted in other states and supported at the federal level.

17 states have adopted past zero-emission standards.

Government priority to reduce carbon emissions was highlighted in the Inflation Reduction Act. EVs and green energy are funded by the act.

New electric vehicle tax credits were renewed and added by President Joe Biden on Aug. 16. The auto industry must beef up its domestic supply chain, and most EVs aren’t eligible.

Yes, you can keep your gas-powered car

Automobile manufacturers are subject to specific regulations in California. Neither the current rules nor the current regulations dictate what people can drive.

Also, we’re still more than a decade away from seeing only electric models on car lots.

There’s still a lot to consider if you’re thinking of buying an electric vehicle within the next few years.

What car can you afford? executive analyst Karl Brauer says most people consider cost when buying a car. Before buying a gas or electric car, make sure you can afford it.

EVs sold through dealerships average $62,893 according to Edmunds. All vehicles that month averaged $47,198.

By 2026, gas-powered cars will be less popular in California.

New and used car prices could rise. If you intend to keep it for a while, he recommends purchasing a gas-powered model sooner rather than later.

In Brauer’s opinion, you should buy your traditional vehicle before 2026 because it will only cost more later.

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