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Adidas Protests BLM Logo, Then Abandons It

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Adidas Protests BLM Logo, Then Abandons It

(CTN News) – Adidas’ backtrack on its protest over the Black Lives Matter logo took 48 hours, much less time than anticipated.

Based on reports by Reuters, the company on Wednesday announced that it had decided to withdraw its opposition to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s trademark application as soon as possible.

Although some people have expressed concern over’ contention that the yellow three-stripe logos of the group are too similar to its own, a spokesperson for Adidas has declined to explain why it suddenly changed its mind. Some Twitter users cited Adidas’ statement as a “public relations disaster” and as an “not a good look.”

A prominent Black Lives Matter group is trying to use a logo that is too similar to Adidas’ logo, which is why has filed a trademark complaint with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

It has been reported that Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, a well-known entity in the BLM movement, has applied to trademark its logo that contains three yellow lines under the words “Black Lives Matter.”

There is a comparison of the two logos side by side in The Guardian. According to Reuters, neither of the entities involved has commented publicly on the situation.

There is a particular reason why does not want BLM to use the three-stripe logo on items that are also sold by Adidas, such as shirts, hats, and bags, because the public may be misled and believe those items are associated with Adidas or sponsored by them.

Since 1952, Adidas has been using the three-stripe design on its own clothing, and over those decades, Adidas says, it has gained “international fame and tremendous public recognition.”

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has until May 6 to respond to’ complaint.

The majority of people on Twitter were skeptical of this claim, pointing out that the two logos were quite different from each other.

According to one response to the news, “Good news for Adidas: after this public relations disaster, no one is going to believe that they are in any way affiliated with Black Lives Matter or even care about it,” according to another response.


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