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AT&T Investigates Dark Web Leak Of Millions Of Customer Records

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AT&T Investigates Dark Web Leak Of Millions Of Customer Records

(CTN News) – Earlier this month, AT&T announced that it was investigating a leak of customer data on the dark web that contained millions of records, including personal information like social security numbers, which had been exposed by the leak.

In a statement issued by the company yesterday, the company said the leak took place roughly two weeks ago, and it has begun a “robust investigation supported by internal and external experts in cybersecurity.”

AT&T said Saturday that based on its preliminary analysis, the data set appears to have been collected in 2019 or earlier, according to the company’s statement.

There is a problem that affects approximately 7.6 million of our current customers and 65.4 million of our former customers.

AT&T or any of its vendors do not appear to have had unauthorized access to any of their systems, which may have led to exfiltration of the data set in question from their systems.

According to AT&T, it is investigating whether or not “the data in those fields originated from or one of its vendors.” As of now, AT&T does not have any evidence to suggest the data set was leaked or stolen.

A telecommunications company, one of the most popular wireless carriers in the country, has said it has been in touch with customers affected by the issue and that their passcodes have been reset.

Additionally, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are offering free credit monitoring as part of their program.

AT&T has stated that so far this incident has not had a material impact on the company’s operations as of today, according to the company.


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